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Why Equity Matters: 11 of CEE’s Top Founders and Ecosystem Leaders Talk About the Benefits of Employee Stock Ownership

Bucharest, Romania ~ The state of the European equity market is well behind the United States, with only 10% employee ownership in late-stage companies, compared to a double in the US.


There are multiple reasons why Europeans own less of the startups they work for compared to their American counterparts and, while cultural differences play a role, the need for more transparent infrastructure to help narrow this gap is still a fundamental area to address.

In an attempt to narrow this gap, SeedBlink, the European investment & equity management platform, has created Nimity, a solution designed to help founders, investors, and employees manage their equity ownership with ease.

The higher adoption of ESOP is not just about the infrastructure, though, but also about the public understanding of the benefits of employee equity ownership. To that end, SeedBlink recently launched its ambassador program – NimityLink and joined forces with The Recursive team to spread awareness about the advantages of equity ownership. The ultimate goal – grow equity ownership in Europe.

Why are most successful startups those who share their success with employees?

To better understand the role ESOPs play in nurturing a growth mindset and motivating employees to join a business, we asked some of the most successful startups, investors and ecosystem builders in the region about the impact and best practices of implementing an employee stock ownership plan.

Together, these companies have raised over $1B and achieved some of the most remarkable exits in CEE, catalyzing the growth of the entire startup ecosystem.

Do you believe ESOP is important for the growth of the startup & tech ecosystem?

Hristo Borisov, Co-Founder and CEO at Payhawk: ‘Building our ESOP program was one of the fundamental things we did even before starting the company. We put together a plan on how we will distribute ESOP for the first 12-14 employees. You have to have an ESOP plan and distribute the value that you are creating together fairly to ensure people are motivated and feel part of the bigger picture. It’s also the way to pay it forward because the employees who benefit significantly from an ESOP program are likely to start their own companies in the future and grow the economy.’

Andrei Dudoiu, President of the Board at SeedBlink: ‘In terms of numbers, a majority of business angels worldwide were once employees who benefited from Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). No salary can ever match the long-term rewards of an ESOP given to an employee in a startup that skyrockets to success. Take, for instance, the example of UiPath: early-stage employees who genuinely added value saw returns that surpassed their wildest dreams. What once seemed like a mere optimistic outlook became a tangible reality. It’s that simple: share the work; share the worth.’

Dimitris Kalavros Gousiou, Co-Founder and General Partner at Velocity.Partners; Co-Founder and Partner at Found.ation: ‘Yes, ESOPs are crucial for the growth of any startup ecosystem. It aligns employee interests with company goals, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment. As companies evolve through various venture stages, the diverse skill sets and experiences of employees become integral to success. ESOP incentivizes and retains talent, driving innovation and growth.’

Hristo Pentchev, Site Lead and Director Product Development Operations and Technical Programs at Leanplum, a CleverTap company: ‘ESOP is a powerful tool for letting employees participate in venture successes. The growth of the ecosystem needs to have a high-reward opportunity paired with the higher risk of joining a starting company. ESOP is a key enabler for startups to attract talent, and talent is critical for building a successful business. Another very important aspect is that we can look at ESOP as the first step of transitioning from an employment mindset to an ownership mindset.’

Svetozar Georgiev, Co-Founder at Telerik, Partner at Eleven Ventures: ‘ESOP is important for the startup ecosystem, as it reinforces the notion that success is a team sport. Good companies are not ‘employers’ – they are a ‘mission’ for team members. So if/when success comes, the benefits should be shared with the team. Furthermore, because of Telerik’s widespread ESOP, many colleagues were able to bootstrap their own businesses. This way one successful company can give birth to many others and expand the ecosystem in a non-linear fashion.’

Miroslav Miroslavov, founder and CEO at OfficeRnd: ‘It’s arguably THE single most important element of employees’ compensation package for any company with high-growth ambitions (50-100+% YoY). Founders should align the incentives with employees – so that if the company is successful, employees also get extraordinary, at times life-changing, outcomes.’

Ned Dervenkov, CEO at BESCO: ‘ESOP is probably the most up-to-date tool of the business as it provides the greatest economic prosperity feature – ownership. Creating an easy and legally effective way to provide ownership (under specific circumstances met) will provide unmatched employee motivation and efficiency. The ESOP could be considered the 3rd best economic discovery after the right to own land and the freedom to work and travel freely.’

Tatyana Mitkova, Co-founder and CEO at Claim Compass: ‘Equity compensation has become industry-standard in the startup world. It’s a great way to recruit and keep top talent, and to incentivize your employees to work for the future success of the company.’

Vince Gaydardzhiev, CEO at Alcatraz AI: ‘ESOP is very important for any company, big and small, to make sure all employees are engaged and own back some of the success of the company they are working for. As remote working is skyrocketing with everyone having a plethora of options, what separates each opportunity is the product, vision, and team. To keep a loyal and motivated team, one of the best ways is to make everyone part of the ESOP journey as well.’

Yannis Larios, Senior VP Strategy & Business Development at ‘In Greece, the ESOP concept was essentially born together with the local tech ecosystem, aligning with the rising regional start-up scene. As geographic limits no longer exist, this was yet another motive for top talent attraction, as well as sustainable growth for those aspiring companies. Greece and the region are becoming tech hubs, attracting multi-million investments from around the globe. Turning employees into shareholders means everybody has a stake in the company’s future success; they all own a piece of the company and this translates into a different work mindset. This motivational culture of ownership is critical for innovation.’

Yavor Popov, CEO at Phone Arena: ‘ESOP is a great way not only for start-ups/scale-ups but also for established companies to share success and align incentives.’

What do you believe is needed for its more widespread ESOP adoption in the region?

Hristo Borisov, Co-Founder and CEO At Payhawk: ‘Bulgaria just passed legislation formalizing the use of ESOP programs in a new type of business entity focused at startups. Founders need to understand that ESOP allows you to motivate, hire and retain strong talent that won’t be incentivised by just instant monetary rewards like salaries. People want to have a stake in something that is going to become bigger, and ESOP allows them to invest in their own future – one that they can control. And because it’s such a powerful tool, founders can also keep the discipline on burning cash early on to a minimum, so that they can maximize their chance of bigger success.’

Dimitris Kalavros Gousiou, Co-Founder and General Partner at Velocity.Partners; Co-Founder and Partner at Found.ation: ‘It’s interesting to note that employees in the portfolio company are not actively considering ESOP as a compensation method. This highlights a significant awareness and understanding gap regarding the benefits of ESOPs. Educating both employees about the long-term advantages, like wealth accumulation and a sense of partnership in the company’s success, and employers about the strategic value of ESOPs in talent acquisition and retention, could bridge this gap. Moreover, addressing the challenge of liquidating ESOP stocks is vital, especially since startups are private companies with limited liquidation opportunities.’

Hristo Pentchev, Site Lead and Director Product Development Operations and Technical Programs at Leanplum, a CleverTap company: To increase ESOP adoption, we need a shift in the ESOP perception. ESOP is an investment opportunity and gives you ownership of what you build. To achieve it, we need more transparency and education around successful exits and how they would help create long-term wealth creation for employee-owners. We might also need some changes in the legal and tax framework.’

Svetozar Georgiev, Co-Founder at Telerik, Partner at Eleven Ventures: ‘General awareness for both founders and team members could boost adoption. Founders should learn that having a smaller share of a bigger pie is ultimately better. Team members should understand that ESOP is not a given, i.e. it does not come for everyone by default. So you should prove your commitment and dedication first and then qualify for this shared ownership instrument.’

Miroslav Miroslavov, founder and CEO at OfficeRnd: ‘There’s only one thing that we need – more real, high-quality exits of companies that have decent ESOP plans. People should see the actual outcomes and hopefully big money in their accounts to believe.’

Ned Dervenkov, CEO at BESCO: ‘The ESOP should be a tool in the arsenal of 21st-century business. Providing governance flexibility, and running business operations cheaply are also a significant part of the arsenal. Those three aspects (ESOP, flexibility and low-cost management) could (and should) be combined to form a new type of legal entity that allows for the companies in the region to match their competitors from the West. Having this type of entity but also being exposed to more strategic capital (such as the pension funds to be able to invest in alternative capital and various schemes to promote angel investment), along with the possibility to freely recruit people from all over the world (via a Start-up visa and/or Blue cards) lie down the foundations of a prospering ecosystem where access to capital, access to talent and ease of doing business are present.’

Vince Gaydardzhiev, CEO at Alcatraz AI: ‘The executive team/founding team needs to believe in ESOP’s benefits so they offer it as a significant perk. Getting everyone excited about being a co-owner of the company they work for starts with the founding team.

Yannis Larios, Senior VP Strategy & Business Development at ‘We are really proud to have implemented one of the greatest Share Option Plans in the fintech space.’s pool of “intrapreneurs” is our greatest gain. These are the people that have adopted the entrepreneur’s mentality, that drive innovation within the Company across all layers. This is the Company’s way to reward our employees for their contribution and efforts. ESOP will remain one of our key drivers for attracting talent and for motivating them to continue growing the company as “intrapreneurs” who bring our cutting-edge technology to life. We do feel that our people appreciate the transparency and fairness of it all, as their own goals and Company’s objectives align.’

What are the best practices and learnings you can share from your experience with ESOP?

Dimitris Kalavros Gousiou, Co-Founder and General Partner at Velocity.Partners; Co-Founder and Partner at Found.ation: ‘Clear communication of ESOP terms and benefits to employees. Not giving too much ESOP too early and to people that have no long-term alignment & association, such as early Advisors or ‘mentors’. Regularly reviewing and adjusting ESOP to reflect company growth and market changes. Ensuring legal and financial compliance in ESOP implementation. A portly implemented ESOP plan creates legal challenges & unnecessary bottlenecks in a future DD (Due Diligence) conducted by the next investors & their lawyers!’

Hristo Pentchev, Site Lead and Director Product Development Operations and Technical Programs at Leanplum, a CleverTap company: ‘The ESOP practices are different in the different stages of a company, so I can’t share the one-size-fits-all rule. In general, the earlier you join a company, the higher the share of stock as an incentive in the total package employees get. At a later stage, it is less of a life-changing opportunity and more of a long-term incentive that also supports strong team retention. In other words, if done right: Joining an early-stage company and contributing to its success should change your life. Joining a later-stage company should give you a significant bonus on top of your salary.’

Svetozar Georgiev, Co-Founder at Telerik, Partner at Eleven Ventures: ‘Granting ESOP should be communicated properly so that people appreciate it. Founders/managers should use this opportunity to sit down with people and discuss their path forward, as a company and as an individual. Don’t send ESOP info over email, even if you have to meet 100 people!’

Miroslav Miroslavov, founder and CEO at OfficeRnd: ‘We implemented a decent ESOP plan that actually materialized in very good outcomes for a lot of people. The key element is to try and make the grants as objective as possible as early as possible. You can’t change it backwards.’

Vince Gaydardzhiev, CEO at Alcatraz AI: ‘You need to create boundaries, per what the market says, around how much stock is given to an employee, given their experience, seniority level, scope, and responsibilities. Subsequent grants for everyone per milestones achieved (new fundraising round done for example) will serve as an additional appreciation to the team.’

Yannis Larios, Senior VP Strategy & Business Development at ‘We are really proud to have implemented one of the greatest Share Option Plans in the fintech space.’s pool of “intrapreneurs” is our greatest gain. These are the people that have adopted the entrepreneur’s mentality, that drive innovation within the Company across all layers. This is the Company’s way to reward our employees for their contribution and efforts. ESOP will remain one of our key drivers for attracting talent and for motivating them to continue growing the company as “intrapreneurs” who bring our cutting-edge technology to life. We do feel that our people appreciate the transparency and fairness of it all, as their own goals and Company’s objectives align.’

NimityLink’s Referral Program – Connecting The Dots

Millions of stakeholders throughout Europe are already connected through cap tables, and NimityLink aims to act as the conversation starter around the topic of equity ownership, bringing the community together into one single network that spreads knowledge and best practices about ESOP with the broader startup community.

The program addresses every type of stakeholder in the startup ecosystem, from investors and founders to advisors and evangelists, and one of its rewards is the possibility to earn up to 10 SeedBlink shares.

During the building phase of this community, SeeBlink offers different reward packages for any user from the ecosystem who refers users to the platform, including access to the Nimity product for life, SeedBlink’s Tech Investors Academy, NimityLink’s Circle and Experts’ Program, and even SeedBlink shares for the most active ambassadors.

You can join NimityLink’s ambassador program here.

Building the Future of Equity Management in and beyond CEE

In conclusion, the insights gathered from 11 prominent founders and ecosystem leaders across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) highlight the pivotal role of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) in shaping the future of the startup and tech ecosystem. The consensus is clear: ESOPs are not just a financial tool, but a powerful motivator that aligns employees’ interests with company goals, fostering a culture of ownership and commitment.

The experiences shared by these leaders demonstrate the transformative impact ESOPs have on startups, from attracting and retaining top talent to incentivizing long-term growth and innovation. The success stories of companies like UiPath serve as a testament to the life-changing potential of well-implemented ESOPs, inspiring a shift from a mere employment mindset to one of ownership and shared success.

However, the journey towards widespread adoption of ESOPs in the region is not without challenges. The need for regulatory reforms, increased financial literacy, and more high-quality exits are critical to foster a thriving ecosystem where ESOPs are the norm. Initiatives like SeedBlink’s Nimity and NimityLink programs are stepping stones in this direction, offering platforms for knowledge sharing and community building.

Ultimately, the collective voice of these leaders echoes a resonant message: for the CEE startup ecosystem to reach its full potential, embracing ESOPs is not just beneficial, but essential. As these plans become more prevalent, we can expect a ripple effect of entrepreneurial success, innovation, and economic prosperity throughout the region.

PublishedDecember 20, 2023

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Tudor Goicea

Co-founder of Aqurate


As a startup founder, I am happy to witness SeedBlink’s dedication to expanding their support for early-stage companies beyond funding, towards a healthy equity management via Nimity. A solution to help better navigate relations with stakeholders, employees and future investors is needed in Europe. Less admin work and bringing transparency to the cap table are immediate benefits I was able to test.


Delia Iliasa

Managing Partner


SeedBlink is a transparent solution that connects entrepreneurs with great business plans, with investors, at different stages in their development. It is a great tool for us, a democratization of access to funding, I would say.


Ioan Iacob



We really loved the SeedBlink journey. We reached our fundraising goal within hours of launching. About 100 investors joined our vision and invested almost $2 million in FLOWX.AI through the Private Deal Room. At the same time, working with SeedBlink to prepare for the funding round was an excellent exercise for our entire team, and we received and felt the support from the SeedBlink team members who took on an advisory role.


Dan Vidrașcu



SeedBlink made the (investment) process run smoothly. We appreciate all the support SeedBlink's professional team has provided.


Tinu Bosinceanu

Founder and CEO

Upgrade Education

It's important to look for and choose a platform that you resonate with, that shares your mission with, a platform & its people with which you feel you can have good working relationships. we got an excellent relationship going forward; we talked a lot and we were in touch on a lot of matters and I think this was important. Having people who believe in your idea is of great help.


Kimmo Rytkönen

Founder and CEO


Running the financing round was like any other fundraising; we had to be active in our community as well as in SeedBlink's investor community. After the launch, everything happened very quickly, and SeedBlink organized several pitch events for investors, which we found very useful for the round momentum.


Svilen Rangelov

Founder and CEO


We immediately clicked with the SeedBlink team as their fundraising expertise was immediately obvious and their no-nonsense approach really appealed to us. After all, fundraising is only a means to an end, and we liked how the SeedBlink team was really focusing on supporting us and on getting things done.


Mihai Darzan



Our main expectation has been to raise the amount we were aiming for, and both rounds launched on Seedblink exceeded our targets, so we’re very happy with that! Even though the launched funding campaigns have been purely crowdfunding rounds, we are thrilled to actually receive extra support from some of the investors, who have chosen to get involved and help us generate product awareness, whenever they can.


Catalin Mester



I am recommending SeedBlink without hesitation, to every founder that raises capital, especially early-stage tech startups. SeedBlink is a crowd investment platform that will also provide their startup with visibility, for Angels and VCs.


Dragoș Iliescu

Founder and CEO


In the early stages, we have been funded by several early (angel) investors, and one and a half year ago through an equity crowdfunding campaign on SeedBlink. Of course, this impacted our growth in many positive ways, partly due to the cash influx that, evidently, was sorely needed, but in a larger part due to the fact that our responsibility towards our shareholders has become more stringent and explicit, becoming embodied in our market approach.


Costin Tudor

Co-founder and CEO


Given the accelerated growth we observed at the end of last year and the beginning of 2021, we want a new capitalization, quickly. This is a bridge round that we will use for one year, and the advantages that SeedBlink offers are the speed at which we were able to list for financing and the experience that we gain as a result of this public listing, similar to a listing on the stock exchange.


Diwaker Singh

Co-Founder & CEO


As a platform that only serves technology ventures, SeedBlink can connect the start-up with more than just money. SeedBlink investors are primarily technocrats who understand the objectives of the fundraising company and are also able to post-funding contribute with business opportunities. The minimum investment threshold, and technology focus, differentiates SeedBlink from other fundraising platforms. A perfect fit for a technology start-up seeking intelligent funding.


Florin Stoian

Co-Founder & CEO


SeedBlink boosted our brand exposure and facilitated the financial support we were seeking. Having a campaign on the platform allowed us not only to meet a team of professionals - that guided and helped us prepare the necessary materials - but also opened doors for increasing our brand awareness and have discussions with VCs & angel investors we have never reached before. This campaign gave us the encouragement we needed to push the product further, while the record-breaking fundraising (only 2 hours from the launch of the campaign!) was a great confirmation that our product is needed in this market and that we should continue innovating.


Raluca Jianu

CEO & Co-founder

Epic Visits

SeedBlink has created a vital ecosystem for startups at the beginning of their journey by equipping entrepreneurs with expertise, encouraging honest and sometimes uncomfortable but necessary discussions about risks and vulnerabilities through a suite of tools, and facilitating connections with investors who share the founders' vision and can contribute to their success. I have greatly appreciated the constant support of Eric and the entire team at all stages of the campaign. Thank you so much!

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