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Define your investment thesis, build & manage a portfolio, and track your success. Learn from & engage with other investors and promising startup founders.


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Thousands of European startups reviewed per year in a rigorous selection process, you get direct access to the top 3% competitive opportunities. Co-invest alongside reputable VCs and angels on the same terms.


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VC deal terms for investors, diversification opportunities aligned with your thesis, quarterly performance reports, community events, follow-ons management and exit facilitation.


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Network of executives and entrepreneurs, access public and private deal rooms on the same terms as high net worth individuals and institutions. Lower exposure, tickets starting at 2500 EUR.

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Cristian Dascălu

SeedBlink is going in a different and new direction from the other crowdfunding platforms we know. We are talking about equity crowdfunding through micro-investments in companies. This is where process optimization is needed, which only such a platform can offer.


Cristian Dascălu

Partner at Gapminder VC

Florin Pop

SeedBlink is salutary in the ecosystem. For me as an investor, the fact that a company manages to launch a campaign on SeedBlink is proof of its value, growth potential and recognition that inspires confidence. I have already made 3 investments on your platform: Cyscale, Cartloop and SanoPass.


Florin Pop

PrimaInvest Capital, Transylvania Angels Network

Dragoș Anastasiu

SeedBlink is an excellent idea - it encourages young people. The banking system in Romania is quite complicated, but seed capital and experienced people who can instil confidence in entrepreneurs are needed and more than welcome.


Dragoș Anastasiu

Business Angel

Vlad Sarca

SeedBlink plays a pivotal role in the region and, since the beginnings of SeedBlink, the number of financed Romanian companies has increased continuously. This is very beneficial for the entrepreneurs offering innovative products and services, but also for the investors eager to take part in developing the regional startup ecosystem.


Vlad Sarca

Partner at Sparking Capital


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