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2.500 EURO minimum investment

Ongoing campaigns

These are the listed campaigns, by popularity or the listing moment. We also present the already closed campaigns with their results.

Listing a startup

The process begins for the startup by supplying a set of basic information, followed by the eligibility for equity crowdfunding being checked by the platform. The next step is to fill up a template with all the relevant information for the public. Both actual performance and development plans are disclosed by the startup in an open way.The startup pass through a due dilligence process, in order for the investors to be confortable with the legal risks involved. The cap table, valuation and equity being sold by the startup, are transparent from the begining of the process.

Valuation technique

Scorecard Valuation is the main instrument that may be used to evaluate the startup, or any other subjective or objective judgement. The platform doesn't influence this process, which is the result of the negociation between the startup and the existing investors. This is the reason why we prefer to have other investors as part of the round. Valuation being a subjective appreciation, the startup has to come up with a reasonable figure that makes the round atractive for future investors.


Few clicks and lots of inspiration are needed in order to become an investor. Read and analyse the idea and key information about a startup, go through its development plan and financial forecast and choose to invest. You will receive a contract with the platform that has to be signed after a 5 days reflection period. If by the end of the listing period the entire investment amount will be completed, the round will be closed and all the documents will be issued and signed. We take care of all the beaurocratic aspects of the investment.

Equity Crowdfunding

When startups look for additional funding, there are many options to be considered. However, it is clear that financing is no simple task. Discussions with friends and family, realising which of your Linkedin followers know investors, asking banks for the most advantageous personal loans, all of these prove to be difficult. How many cards are needed until your credit limit is over? Finnaly, entrepreneurs have to access external sources of funding, in order to build a profitable company. This is how equity crowdfunding emerged. It is not the startups efforts, but the investors needs that created this mechanism that allows them to became angels even with small amounts of money. The essence of equity crowdfunding is gathering a big number of investments to aquire an equity stake of a startup, by using a digital platform.

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Investment democratisation

Most investors analyse their targets, but only few of them have enough funds in order to access this limited investment market. That's why platforms like SeedBlink structure the process in order to syndicate and democratise even low value investments. We keep saying that risks are high and money could be lost. The platform is fully transparent in assesing the risk profile of the investments.

  • We list start-ups for small investments
  • We offer online investment oportunity
  • We assist investors post process

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Equity crowdfunding is a rather new invetment method. It is part of the sharing economy, promoting the crowdsourcing concept that proves to be popular in many other sectors. SeedBlink sets the region on the international investment map, capitalising on a dynamic startup ecosystem.

  • Equity crowdfunding is a natural evolution of the startup ecosystem
  • Crowdsourcing concept is succesfuly applied în funding
  • Online risk management replaces step by step traditional methods

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Equity crowdfunding is an important link of the ecosystem's chain. Both investors and startups benefit now of unrestricted access to a funding market that missed a bridge betwen participants.

  • Investment market diversifies based on a high risk return ratio
  • SeedBlink is a platform that gives access to both interested parties
  • The team has expertise in both finance market and startups environment

How to invest

select one of the listed startups

make a commitment, respectively a binding prommise of investment

sign an investment agreement prepared by our specialists

execute the payment that becomes the investment into the selected startup

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What if equity crowdfunding is not for me?

Go to Human Finance. It is a platform offering a full range of tools for creating and developing your startup. SeedRating is a test that gives you the probability to get funded. 50 points score gets you in contact with us. 75 is enough to be transfered to SeedBlink.


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