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The future of the health & fitness industry is hybrid - Interview with Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman

Bianca Iulia Simion

The future of the health & fitness industry is hybrid - Interview with Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman
Hyperhuman transforms video recordings into reusable fitness content using AI.

Hyperhuman is the omnichannel content platform for the health & fitness industry with the mission to make the world's health & fitness video content universally accessible and reusable. We had a talk with Bogdan Predusca, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Hyperhuman, who is passionate about innovative products built around great teams and inspiring mission, with 18+ years experience in the tech industry ranging from start-ups to enterprises.*

What’s the story behind Hyperhuman?

We are fitness enthusiasts and former athletes. Dan was a skier, David a basketball player, and I was playing football at an amateur club in Germany during my university studies.

The idea behind Hyperhuman was born one evening during the 2020 COVID lockdown. Many, including myself, started their first online workout, physiotherapy or yoga session during the pandemic, and it worked. It’s fun, engaging, and can deliver great results. This new reality is here to stay.

The only problem is that creating world-class workout videos is time-consuming and extremely expensive. Dan, David, and I experienced these challenges over the years, both as fitness enthusiasts and also from our past experiences at Fitbit, Vector Watch, and our former US-based fitness start-up, getFittter.

Dan and I founded 2 other start-ups in the past, while David and I worked together for years at Fitbit, now part of Google. I was a product leader at Fitbit and an entrepreneur with 17+ years in tech. David is a former design lead at Fitbit while Dan was a lead product manager at a fintech company before Hyperhuman.

What problem does Hyperhuman solve and how would you say it relieves pain from your customers?

The future of the health & fitness industry is “hybrid”, influenced by the radical shift of consumer behavior due to the pandemic. The problem is that creating quality workout videos at scale, personalized to all needs and goals, is time-consuming and extremely expensive for any digital or traditional health & fitness business.

Our AI-powered platform is specifically designed for this industry and aims to reduce the content production and distribution process to minutes, compared to what now takes weeks.

Hyperhuman transforms video recordings into reusable fitness content using AI. Our proprietary video technology extracts key insights and metadata from fitness videos and turns them into reusable blocks of content.

This enables professionals and businesses to build full-length workout videos in minutes, with no tech or video editing skills. The content can be consumed either as a video on any platform or as an interactive training experience in a dedicated consumer app via our API and SDK.

Who benefits the most from your product? Who are your customers?

We help organizations and individual professionals produce quality video content at scale. Digital and traditional companies activating in fitness, wellness, and sports, can create and publish video content using our platform, on any channel and in any format, at much lower costs compared to the current video content production and distribution solutions.

What's happening in the industry you are activating? What are the key trends?

We think that the future of the health & fitness industry is hybrid, digital, and in-person because COVID changed consumer behavior forever. This leads to a massive demand for consistent, quality content.

The global online fitness market is expected to reach $59 billion by 2027, 5x more than the $10.71 billion in 2021. Prerecorded, on-demand video usage grew 311% post-pandemic, while the creator economy exploded to over $100 billion. In order to stay relevant & thrive in this competitive environment, 72% of the fitness club owners added online, on-demand services to their offerings, in 2021.

Hyperhuman is tackling these creative segments by democratizing the video creation & publishing processes and providing the tools and software ecosystem to anyone needing to scale this type of content easily and fast.

How has your past experience impacted the traction of Hyperhuman?

All 3 co-founders have years of experience in the tech and digital health & fitness industry. This helped us focus on building and launching the first version of our high-tech platform in less than 10 months. We started on Jan 4th 2021, launched our MVP in Aug 2021, and registered solid growth in every KPI, week over week, month over month.

Now, in the alpha phase of our Business Platform, we have over 3,000 professionals – mainly from North America, Australia, and UK, doubled by 20+ businesses.

In less than one year since its start, we have managed to be the only CEE start-up selected as a “2021 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner”, top that recognizes Europe’s leading private companies and celebrates innovation and the technologies introduced by startups across their industries.

Hyperhuman is also a “Google for Startups 2021” graduate and won several awards, like “Best Global Health & Fitness Video Content Platform 2021” or “The best startups in Europe developing AI”.

Startups grow from failure. Have you had to pivot your business product or service yet to better meet customer needs?

We’ve learned a lot from getFitter, our first startup founded in Dallas, Texas, back in 2013-2014. It’s all about focus and solving a real problem for a well-defined client profile. We always talk extensively to our current and potential new customers and have hundreds of hours of recorded interviews used to listen and document their needs and problems. This helped us prioritize and focus on the right things along the way.

We envisioned offering our product to individual professionals in a sort of marketplace but learned along the way that it’d be actually more of a core tool for professionals and businesses. It’s a step-by-step journey, we simply can’t do everything at once. As a small team, we constantly need to make hard trade-offs along the way, but will always stay true to our clients by listening to their needs and problems.

Where do you see Hyperhuman and your business in 3-5 years? Any potential exit scenario in mind?

We are extremely ambitious and passionate about delivering on our mission to make the world's health & fitness video content universally accessible and reusable.

I’m highly confident that Hyperhuman will become the go-to content platform for the health & fitness industry and that will transform the way on-demand video content is being produced, published, and consumed, at scale. We are here to win the market and become one of the most valuable platforms in this industry.

What makes Hyperhuman so special? Why should investors choose you?

A winning business usually requires at least 3 key ingredients to solve a real problem: market opportunity, experienced team, and laser-focused execution.

Hyperhuman has already proven that it has all 3 of them and many more. Firstly, we have demonstrated in 12 months that we can deliver on our vision of launching a global product. Secondly, the market opportunity is huge; we already have 3,000 professionals and 20+ businesses confirming this. Lastly, we are attracting international top talent and already have a world-class team distributed on 3 continents and rallied around our inspiring vision and mission.

The Hyperhuman team members have once created, designed, developed, and marketed world-renowned products for Fortune 500 tech companies, startups or scale-ups, used by millions of people on a daily basis. Hyperhuman will be the next big thing in the digital health & fitness industry.


🎙️ With a Late Seed round led by two strong Romanian VC funds: Sparking Capital and Early Game Ventures, Hyperhuman is hosting a Pitch & Q&A session before their crowdinvesting campaign launch. Register to join the conversation on Wednesday, 17:00 GMT+2.

🗓️ Private campaign starts on February 24, followed by a public campaign starting on March 3.

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