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Secondary Market

Over the years, SeedBlink has established a strong track record in identifying and supporting innovative and high-potential ventures at early stages. This success is attributed to their unique approach of enabling individual investors to participate in these crucial funding rounds. To ensure the quality of startups on their platform, SeedBlink maintains a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the most promising ventures receive funding. Throughout our interaction with the Bulgarian SeedBlink team, we have witnessed a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, flexibility, and a deep understanding of the needs and dynamics of the VC community. We believe SeedBlink could be a trusted and valuable partner to any VC fund seeking to discover new promising investment opportunities.

Pavel Velkov

Managing Partner at Morningside Hill Capital Management
As a business angels club, our job is to provide the best deals to our investor members. SeedBlink helps us expand our deal flow with exciting investment opportunities from all over the world. Their platform is easy to navigate, and the whole syndicate establishment and management process is transparent, fast, and trustworthy. For a second year in a roll, we partner with them on various educational resources and communication materials of good practices and inspiring personal stories to promote further angel investing and the entrepreneurs’ success stories in the region.

Elena Nikolova

CEO Angels Club, Community Builder
SeedBlink is the bridge between retail investors and startups verified by venture capital funds, thus serving as an IPO to their large community of angel investors. Filling this gap benefits the whole ecosystem as it leverages the work of venture capital funds, promotes the highest quality projects, and increases exposure and investment in this asset class. In this way, Seedblink's activity continuously contributes to opening and expanding the startup and VC ecosystem, and we at Vitosha are glad to partner with them on more and more deals.

Stoyan Nedin

Venture Partner at Vitosha Venture Partners
SeedBlink is special. It is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is really a great and easy way for founders to raise rounds, or just fill in a round and simultaneously get a bit of publicity. Once upon a time, I was given the chance to invest in SeedBlink, and I refused, underestimating the need for such a platform and since then, the SeedBlink team have really, really proven me wrong.

Rumen Iliev

Partner at LAUNCHub Ventures
There are many financing platforms that I have used, but what makes SeedBlink unique is its deal flow focused on Eastern European startups as well as their affiliation and integrity with VCs interested to leverage, co-invest, source, lead and follow deals within its community. They are staying innovative, offering cutting-edge solutions like cap-table management and handling SPVs, services that an investor would usually need to get through multiple providers.

Angel Angelov

Managing Partner at Innovation Capital
SeedBlink is an irreplaceable node in the investment landscape of Bulgaria and the wider region. As both entrepreneurship and investor activity is growing and maturing, SeedBlink provides the best possible access for individuals willing to engage with successful startups and be part of their growth story, with a venue to do just that as participants in investment rounds. Successful entrepreneurs have a unique chance to validate their concept with investors in a democratic way, with full transparency in the sourcing and structuring of their investment rounds.

Max Gurvits

Vitosha VC
The SeedBlink team is always on the lookout for promising tech companies with the potential to scale significantly, consider them as your private team of analysts on a mission to help you get the best possible ROI for your portfolio. I recommend to everyone looking for exposure to tech companies in the CEE region and beyond, to get aboard SeedBlink and experience first-hand the promising features of this ground-breaking investment platform.

Oggy Popov

CEO at ViaBank
We are enthusiastic about SeedBlink's expansion into the DACH region. Their competence and expertise make them a great partner, and we look forward to broadening our cooperation as co-investors. Together, we will continue to support and nurture innovative deep-tech companies and create a lasting impact in the startup ecosystem.

Bernhard Petermeier

Managing Partner at Xista Science Ventures
SeedBlink has proven to be a game-changer in the world of early-stage investing, providing a revolutionary platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors, creating a seamless and efficient process for securing funding. At Endeavor Bulgaria, we have forged a strong partnership with SeedBlink, enhancing the support we provide to ambitious local startups.

Momchil Vassilev

Managing Director of Endeavor Bulgaria
SeedBlink is the best angel investing platform for European investors. As an angel myself, building a strong pipeline of pre-seed and seed investments isn't easy. Most rounds are led entirely by VC funds and not open to angels - or compiled via a small circle of direct contacts and introductions. Moreover, managing the due diligence process is complex and time-consuming - especially for so many diverse industries. SeedBlink provides a consistent flow of deals - always backed by a prominent lead investor; well-researched startups with traction, and low-ticket opportunities to start with. The secondary market they introduced this year is revolutionary and an incredible way to deliver some liquidity in today's market - something that's top of mind for any diversified investor out there.

Mario Peshev

Business Advisor & Tech CEO
I commend SeedBlink for their initiative in spearheading the development of Nimity and their dedication to empowering equity access and management for founders, investors, and employees. I am looking forward to witnessing the impact it will have on the CEE ecosystem.

Marius Istrate

President of TechAngels Romania
The first profit made was a moment I had been waiting for since the first investment. The multiplication factor is lower than I dreamed, but I realised what the whole investment process means from end to end. That gives me confidence for the future.

Ioan Tararache

Software Engineer at VINCI Energies
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