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SeedBlink is a platform that saves me time when searching for proven startups. It has very good exposure to the region I am looking for: Eastern and Central Europe. It provides a good opportunity to invest together with other VC companies, which was not so easy before.


Traycho Ivanov

Founder Pulsarix Technologies

What I appreciate the most about SeedBlink is all the diversity and the fast pace of bringing in new rounds, therefore new opportunities to invest. As an investor, I prefer to make my own selection, based on my knowledge areas, so that I can make relevant judgements of the capacity of the teams presented to execute their visions.


Linda Vasilescu

Circular Economy Expert

I was offered the opportunity to sell my share after a 5-fold increase in one year. It also seemed appropriate from the perspective of closing the investment cycle, facilitated by the SeedBlink platform through the secondary market - an advantage for investors investing in the early stages of a startup.


Mircea Vădan

Managing Partner Activize

The SeedBlink platform offers a simple and highly streamlined exit process. Selling the shares took very little time and SeedBlink mediated the process very efficiently.


Cristian Ignat

CEO of Aggranda, Founder of Canopy

The Cyscale exit was an opportunity for me to test the other side of the Seedblink experience: making a return on past investments. The process went faster than expected (approximately a month and a half), the steps being completed without any significant obstacles. This definitely gave me more confidence to invest in the companies on Seedblink, and I am looking forward to the moment when the secondary market will become operational to open more opportunities for investors.



SeedBlink Investor

I appreciate that, through the Cyscale exit, I have gone through a complete cycle in my relationship with SeedBlink and have covered the entire flow of the platform, from opportunity analysis and entry into the Cyscale project to the exit managed by SeedBlink. This validation gives me the confidence to continue my exposure to startups through this platform. The most valuable experience comes from managing the steps, procedures and paperwork in the investor-startup relationship, which are managed by the platform, saving time and resources for the investor.


Florin Pop

Managing Partner Primainvest Capital Management

I have already recommended SeedBlink to my friends. The main reason is that you have access to powerful European investment opportunities unavailable elsewhere. The learning resources you can find on Seedblink and the community convinced me to use the platform.


Adrian Horvat

Global Marketing Effectiveness Manager

SeedBlink provided me with the place to start my investment journey with the control, speed and diversity that I fully own and manage. The value added by the SeedBlink team in evaluating and managing the portfolio of startups is tremendous. Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting, SeedBlink is a promising platform for the years to come in the tech startup industry.


Georgi Balkandjiev

CTO at

I welcomed the launch of SeedBlink Club and saw it as part of an ongoing effort to build and nurture an active community of investors. Activating it was a no-brainer, as I wanted to diversify my portfolio faster by lowering the minimum investment threshold. I think it also shows in my activity that I made more investments after signing up than I did during the previous period.


Bogdan Surdea-Blaga

Chief Digital Experience Officer at RebelDot

The partial exit at KFactory went as I expected. The company had a new round of financing at a new price. Some initial investors wanted to continue investing in the new valuation, and others, including me, wanted to sell. SeedBlink shared the intents of the demand with the offer: helping us to fairly determine the number of shares that each seller could sell considering the offer, prepared the documents for signing, and communicated with all parties involved until the actual completion of the transaction. Finally, after a year and a half, I recovered the investment in exchange for about a third of the shares. I still own two-thirds of the shares purchased initially.


Daniel Cîrstoaia

SAP CRM Consultant, ABAP Program

SeedBlink brings a disciplined approach to a vibrant and diverse startup community. Their experienced team vetting and coaching entrepreneurs, the ease of contract execution and administration through the online platform, the outstanding communication support, and the access to exciting opportunities in Eastern Europe are appealing to foreign investors.


Diana Dram

SeedBlink Investor

I started to use SeedBlink out of the desire to invest in startups and transition from employee to investor. There are thousands of start-ups, and it is tough to select one with a real growth chance. This is where SeedBlink excels, selecting the startups that come with innovative products and a real chance to scale. My portfolio reunites four start-ups from HealthTech, MarTech and Enterprise SaaS verticals and I will invest in other fields. They bring together experienced and novice investors, startups from various industries, and a platform that builds knowledge to help investors make the best decisions; these are the main reasons I kindly recommend SeedBlink.


George Semcu

Solution Engineer
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