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You invest and support start-ups from anywhere, diversify your portfolio, with tickets available from €2.500.

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We review and select 2-5% of start-ups and bring you access alongside trusted VCs and angels at the same terms

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We leverage software, capital and an exclusive community to strengthen portfolio post-investment.

How does it work?

Our experienced investment team identifies and conducts research on thousands of companies to list tech start-ups investment opportunities you can access alongside trusted VCs and angel investors at same terms.

For each equity crowdfunding campaign, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) is set up to which the investors participating in that campaign will join. SPV will invest in the company to be financed and will exercise its role of partner / shareholder. The amount you invest and the capital issued / number of shares purchased will affect your ownership percentage of the business. We ensure that investors have access to complete, necessary, sufficient information to conduct their own risk analysis.


Signing up and verifying your identity

After signing up on our platform you will receive a confirmation email, and then you will be taken through the onboarding process. To view the documents and the financials of a specific startup and to be able to invest, all these steps need to be completed: signing up, completing all required contact details, verifying your identity and filling in the form stating your investor type.


Making a commitment

In the section allocated to the startup you are interested in, choose the desired campaign and click the “Invest” button. You will receive an email containing all the details about the next steps, and having the Agreement attached. You have four days to consider your final decision. If you want to go on and invest in that campaign, you’ll need to send the signed Agreement within this time interval. Also, we recommend you check your fiscal record to avoid any delay


Starting the investment process

When the campaign is over, we have a short period of reconciliation during which we collect the final decisions from the registered investors. Afterwards, you will receive the SPV’s incorporation documents (Articles of Incorporation and the Statement) by email. From the moment you receive this email, you will have three days to sign these documents. Any investment withdrawal after this step in the process, will be penalized.


Transferring the money

After receiving all signed documents, a bank account will be opened on behalf of the SPV. You will have three days to wire the invested amount and the payment need for covering the additional costs. The incorporation costs are 1.000 EUR for a limited company and 1.500 EUR for a joint stock company (these costs will be calculated and divided pro-rata according to the final amount invested.). The operational cost is 1% out of the invested amount, per year, and needs to be paid in advance for the first two years. The total amount should be transferred in lei, using the exchange rates communicated by the bank where the shared capital account will be open, on the date set in the Articles of Incorporation.


Incorporating the SPV and finalizing the investment

Further on, the SPV documents will be submitted for approval to the Romanian Trade Registry. After the incorporation documents are issued, the investors and the SPV’s administrator will sign the investment documents. This is when the investment is considered finalized.


Successfully investing

Once the investment is signed off, you will be able to access all information and documents regarding your investment in the “My Portfolio” section. You will also receive quarterly reports about the development of the startups you invested in and will get access to the perks and programs offered by us.

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SeedBlink allows start-ups to target different financing methods per their funding needs. The underlying differences between these financing methods are essential, and we advise future investors to familiarize themselves with them. - Equity Equity is the most common listing approach, where a start-up offers shares (percentages of ownership in the company) in exchange for cash, allowing them to raise capital used for growth purposes. - Convertible Notes Convertible notes are loans that will convert into equity at the time of a ‘trigger’ event, such as another funding round. If no such event occurs, the debt is repaid at the maturity date set in the agreement unless the terms of the note allow for equity conversion at a discounted price at its maturity. In case the convertible notes accumulate interest, the interest is also converted into equity. Convertible notes operate on terms that are advantageous both for the investor and the start-up. For the investor, the advantage of convertible notes is the valuation cap or discount rate that applies during the conversion. The valuation cap is the valuation settled for at the conversion time, and it will not increase during future rounds. As such, at the moment of the trigger event, if the company’s valuation has increased beyond the valuation cap of the note, the note will convert into equity at the price of the pre-determined valuation. For the start-up, it is a quicker way of accessing capital at an early stage, removing the lengthy process of creating and issuing common stock, in addition to postponing their valuation calculations for a later stage, once improved financial performance allows for a more accurate valuation. - SAFE Agreements The Simple Agreement for Future Equity, abbreviated as SAFE, uses the same fundamentals as a convertible note but has a few key differences. Created by Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator business accelerator, a SAFE simplifies the process of early-stage funding even further. SAFEs are forms of convertible equity that have no maturity date or accruing interest unless their terms are negotiated. This means that, while Convertible Notes are a form of debt financing, a SAFE is simply a future equity acquisition. Usually, the terms of a SAFE are settled so that investors’ contributions are shielded by a stop date. As with convertible notes, a SAFE allows investments to convert into equity at the time of a trigger event. Trigger events could be subsequent financing rounds or when the company performs an exit, most commonly through the sale of the business. A SAFE still allows investors to benefit from valuation caps or a discount rate instead of new shareholders who invested in the company during a later round.

Investors wishing to participate in the fundraising process will invest the EUR amount indicated on the platform in its RON equivalent. The final investment amount following this exchange is calculated using the rate communicated by the bank where the share capital account will be opened, on the date when the articles are incorporated.

To see the documents and the financials of a start-up, a user needs to have a “Verified profile”. This process can be accessed from the campaign’s page or the menu’s “My profile” section. Both ways, the user can access this process and complete it in 3 minutes maximum. All one must do is upload a government-issued ID and have a functional camera on the device they are logging from to take a selfie and compare the ID provided against the user’s facial biometrics. Furthermore, after submitting the details required, an email will be sent within minutes with the answer. If the response is positive, a user can invest, and if the answer is negative, the process can be repeated.

We want to have a process as transparent as possible, and our partnerships with Onfido is our way to enhance this fact. Through Onfido, a company can verify the customers’ identity by requiring a government-issued ID, checking if it’s fraudulent or not and comparing it against the user’s facial biometrics. From SeedBlink’s perspective, if a user goes through the identity verification process and has a “Verified Profile” (a tag that will appear in the section “Profile Settings” and that will also be confirmed on the email), we can be sure that the investment decision is a genuine one. Also, through this, we aim to protect sensitive information about the listings and start-ups that will only be available to user’s who have a verified profile. From the user’s experience, a verified profile offers accessibility to the documents and the financials of that specific start-up and listing. Moreover, a user can only invest if their profile is fully completed – completing the additional data, type of investor and identity verification process. This process is beneficial for investors and start-ups, enhancing the transparency that we want to bring to our processes.

Physical issue of the document: If the paper's physical copy is wanted, it can be obtained from the ANAF counters with the necessity of presenting your ID card. Virtual issue of the document from the "Spațiul Privat Virtual ANAF " (Virtual Private Space): A new feature of the SPV appeared in 2020, allowing one to obtain the fiscal record online. The first step for obtaining this certificate, involves the registration in the SPV, by accessing the site www.anaf.ro, section “Înregistrare în Spațiul Privat Virtual” ( Registration into the Private Virtual Space). Fill in the user's data in the web form displayed. At this stage, to get the account approved, the user will have to choose between the following four options: verifying the document number, verifying the decision registration number, visual identification, scheduling an online meeting on Zoom, or over-the-counter account activation. If everything is in order and have completed all the necessary steps and details, your registration in the SPV will be approved. Confirmation will be received on the email address that was provided in the registration process. After creating an account on the SPV, the request of the fiscal record certificate is sent through the section: “Solicitări / Eliberare Documente / Certificat de cazier fiscal” (Requests / Issuance of Documents / Certificate of fiscal record”) by selecting the personal identification number or the tax identification number for which the certificate is issued, mentioning the reason for the request. The financial record will be found in the "Mesaje" (Messages) section. For more detailed information for registering as an individual, please access: <https://static.anaf.ro/static/10/Anaf/Informatii_R/SPV/persoane_fizice.htm> For more detailed information for registering as a legal entity, please access: <https://static.anaf.ro/static/10/Anaf/Informatii_R/SPV/persoane_juridice.htm>

From the date of issue, the fiscal record certificate is valid for 30 days.

Individuals and legal entities who are not fiscally registered in Romania are under no obligation to present their fiscal record. An affidavit signed by the individual or by a representative of the individual is sufficient for understanding that the individual has not committed any deeds that are registered in the fiscal record.

All target companies are carefully considered, selected and evaluated by our team. If we see problems with their experience and how they approach the business or the start-up is not a good opportunity for SeedBlink investor’s community, we delay or refuse to list these businesses. Our team also realizes a due diligence report (a review and verification of information/documents received from start-up), on which we base each listing. Please note, we do not perform due diligence concerning business-specific risks, business opportunities or the market.

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