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The SeedBlink community has over 7.500 top investors, along with trusted partners. Access the power of three: crowd reach, angel flexibility and VC structure.

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We support with the expertise of entrepreneurship and finance the founders. We all win when you win. Our platform and services give you the exposure you need.

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Quick access to capital, a single line in the head table (a legal shareholder), business and marketing before and after campaign. You raise capital, but you keep control.


Seedblink is Europe’s fastest growing investing platform specialized in sourcing, vetting, financing and scaling European tech start-ups.

Start-up Founders–Testimonials


Raluca Jianu

CEO & Co-founder

Epic Visits

SeedBlink has created a vital ecosystem for startups at the beginning of their journey by equipping entrepreneurs with expertise, encouraging honest and sometimes uncomfortable but necessary discussions about risks and vulnerabilities through a suite of tools, and facilitating connections with investors who share the founders' vision and can contribute to their success. I have greatly appreciated the constant support of Eric and the entire team at all stages of the campaign. Thank you so much!

Epic Visits is a self-service travel platform where travelers can create their special getaways based on their style and preferences.

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Is your company suitable for financing through SeedBlink?

  • Are you a tech start-up?

  • Do you have an already tested MVP (minimum viable product) and an articulated business model?

  • Are you looking for at least 100.000 EUR funding?

If the answer to all three is positive, then you can apply for funding through SeedBlink.


Apply for funding

After making sure you check all the criteria, apply for funding through the platform by answering the form’s questions. Our team will analyse and respond to your application within two to three days.


The evaluation process

Our team evaluates the business model, the growth plans, and the financial forecast. A part of the pre-seed start-ups that apply for funding will go through SeedBlink’s Funding Campaign Program. This process can last from four to eight weeks, and only a small number of start-ups are selected for the next phase.


Receiving the final answer

After going through the Evaluation and the Funding Campaign Program, the Investment Committee will give its final answer.


The legal process

If the response is positive, the legal process will start. This part consists of defining the Term Sheet and going through the Due Diligence process, made by us or by a VC, if they co-invest.


Preparing the campaign

After finalizing the steps above, your start-up is ready for the campaign. Together with our team, the start-up will prepare the necessary campaign materials, and it will create a communication strategy.


Post-investment events

As a start-up, you can engage with your community of investors through our platform by sharing your progress, entering SeedBlink’s Alumni Program and organising, with our help, the Kick-Off meetings with your investors.

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