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Equity management and financing infrastructure for European tech startups and scaleups.

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We invest alongside European VCs, business angels, and family offices, at the same deal terms, serving as a strategic co-investor. As a founder, you can experience a streamlined financing process, investors support, and follow-on events management, all taken care of by the SeedBlink team.

Seamlessly manage your community of investors through a single entry in the cap table. Syndicate your investors in a private setting, available only to a pre-defined audience or in a public setup, ensuring a reliable and customized fundraising experience.

If you are a pre-seed startup graduate of regional growth leaders, such as accelerators and incubators, Community Stars is for you. Addressing both tech and non-tech startups, you can manage your equity mistake-free and embark easily on your fundraising journey.

Simplify the management of your cap table and ESOP, optimize governance practices, and seamlessly align all stakeholders for enhanced efficiency and transparency. Nimity is the ultimate equity management solution for tech companies.

A secure platform to buy and sell shares, ensuring liquidity for both investors and employees. We support your equity journey by providing a safe avenue for transactions within your ecosystem.

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Secure, Scale, Succeed

Share your Cap Table

Share your Cap Table

Add your cap table using Nimity and submit your financing application. Within 3 days, our team will review the details provided. If you meet the required criteria, we'll plan together the next steps of your funding journey.

Start the financing process

Start the financing process

We start by conducting a due diligence process, evaluating your business plans, growth strategy, and financial forecasts. Together, we analyze and determine the essential details and deal structure to meet your unique financing requirements.

Launch your round and raise capital

Launch your round and raise capital

Benefit from a dedicated deal captain and marketing specialist who will guide you every step. From pre-round preparations to during and after the financing round, our team is here to assist you, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Go beyond financing

Go beyond financing

Embrace the full potential of Nimity , our equity management solution, reporting tools, and investor communication hub. We offer continuous support and guidance in vital areas like deal structuring, equity ownership, and valuable mentorship. Long-term succes is a shared mission.

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Equity and journey

Supporting your equity journey at every layer

We've created the infrastructure to help founders effectively manage every company's growth stages.

Multiple financing options

From Co-investments to Investors Syndicates, we ensure a precise match for your specific financing needs.

Automated equity tracking

Manage your cap table, ESOP, and financial modeling from a single, reliable source of truth.

Simplified reporting and compliance

Clear reporting systems and transparent proccesses for all your stakeholders.

Tech-savvy European network

Become part of an international network of investing partners, lawyers and advisors.

"We loved the enthusiastic and professional team at SeedBlink. We really felt that they understood our business and became advisors to us. The structuring and business advice that SeedBlink provided was valuable and facilitated networking with potential business partners - so it felt like a "smart money" investment, not a "crowdfunding" investment."

Ioan Iacob

- Founder & CEO FLOWX.AI

"We immediately clicked with the SeedBlink team, recognizing their obvious investing expertise. Fundraising, after all, is merely a means to an end, and we liked how the SeedBlink team provided a clear roadmap on how to run an efficient and effective campaign. They assigned us 3 dedicated persons for investment, marketing, and operational planning, ensuring seamless coordination and assistance every step of the way."

Svilen Rangelov

- Co-founder & CEO Dronamics

"The unique value of SeedBlink comes from the combination of democratic access to funding, the support of the community behind the investment platform, and the know-how and resources SeedBlink provides to startups."

Evelina Necula

- Co-founder & CMO Kinderpedia

"We want to drive digital transformation forward. The SeedBlink team has been at our side as highly competent, personally engaged, and top-notch investment managers, benefiting from a broad and qualified deal flow across Europe."

Liviu Dragan

- Founder & CEO Druid

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