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July Newsletter: Control over your time

Morgan Housel, the author of Psychology of Money, distinguishes between rich and wealthy people, defining wealth as not what we see as money spent, but the investments we make. The real value of money is that it gives us control over our time. 

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June Newsletter: Think global, act local

It's time for Europe to build a new Palo Alto!

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May Newsletter: Authenticity eliminates fear

European VC pre-money valuations across all financing stages continued their upward trajectory in Q1, pacing above the highs of 2021

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April Newsletter: Forget everything you know about crowdfunding

We learn together with you, the founders and partners, and strive to become a different kind of player. 

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SeedBlink is a platform that saves me time when searching for proven startups. It has very good exposure to the region I am looking for: Eastern and Central Europe. It provides a good opportunity to invest together with other VC companies, which was not so easy before.


Traycho Ivanov

Founder Pulsarix Technologies

What I appreciate the most about SeedBlink is all the diversity and the fast pace of bringing in new rounds, therefore new opportunities to invest. As an investor, I prefer to make my own selection, based on my knowledge areas, so that I can make relevant judgements of the capacity of the teams presented to execute their visions.


Linda Vasilescu

Circular Economy Expert

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