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April Newsletter: Forget everything you know about crowdfunding

04 May 2022

We learn together with you, the founders and partners, and strive to become a different kind of player. 

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We are fully supportive of the efforts to assist the Ukrainian people and to protect the values of human dignity, democracy, respect of the law, and freedom, at risk due to the current Russian military aggression.

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02 February 2022

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Investors community voice


The Cyscale exit was an opportunity for me to test the other side of the Seedblink experience: making a return on past investments. The process went faster than expected (approximately a month and a half), the steps being completed without any significant obstacles. This definitely gave me more confidence to invest in the companies on Seedblink, and I am looking forward to the moment when the secondary market will become operational to open more opportunities for investors.



SeedBlink Investor
Florin Pop

I appreciate that, through the Cyscale exit, I have gone through a complete cycle in my relationship with SeedBlink and have covered the entire flow of the platform, from opportunity analysis and entry into the Cyscale project to the exit managed by SeedBlink. This validation gives me the confidence to continue my exposure to startups through this platform. The most valuable experience comes from managing the steps, procedures and paperwork in the investor-startup relationship, which are managed by the platform, saving time and resources for the investor.


Florin Pop

Managing Partner Primainvest Capital Management

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