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2021 in REVIEW. 2022 in PREVIEW : SeedBlink

how was 2021 for SeedBlink from your perspective and what was the biggest achievement / milestone of this year


As we are entering into the new exciting year, we thought that it is the perfect time to step back and have o firechat type interview with all our members and supporting partners about the milestonses of 2021 and their predictions for 2022

Today we will discuss at 2021 in REVIEW. 2022 in PREVIEW. with Andrei Dudoiu – Managing Partner and President Bod at SeedBlink.

ROFIN.TECH : Andrei, how was 2021 for SeedBlink from your perspective and what was the biggest achievement / milestone of this year?

Andrei Dudoiu: SeedBlink is very much a tech start-up itself, and in June we’ve raised 3.3 million euros of new investment, 1.2 million euros from crowd-investors, using our own platform, with Catalyst Romania Fund II as a lead-investor.

We started to have a European footprint, expanding was the most important commitment we made to our own investors when we raised money in June. We already have start-ups from the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Estonia, France, Kosovo and Austria on board.

With the power of our community, we’ve raised more than 50% of the funding rounds, covering especially early-stage startups, with more than 37 million euros invested in European tech startups. Our community now numbers more than 8000 investors from 45 countries. We are also extremely excited to have facilitated 5 follow-on rounds, empowering our investors to further invest in success.

ROFIN.TECH: What is something you’ve learned during 2021?

Andrei Dudoiu: Every day brings new challenges. It’s a new business model, we are trying this crazy mix of equity crowdfunding, VC structure and investment club. It’s challenging, we are a startup, a lot of things do not work the way we’d like them to, but every day is an opportunity to evolve, adapt, move forward. Our investors do not invest in lottery tickets, they build portfolios really assesing each opportunity. We have also learned humbleness: we don’t know everything, and we need to build trust in ourselves as a team and, beyond that, in our investors.

ROFIN.TECH : Could you tell us what you’re most excited about this 2022 coming time at SeedBlink?

Andrei Dudoiu: In 2022, we want to foster greater engagement among our users, with better thesis matching, data driven portfolio, secondary market and improved deal sourcing and portfolio growth.

2022 for us is being pure European, completely country-less, but an European technology company. We’re taking it step by step: SeedBlink is looking forward to expanding to other European countries, including: Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. These expansions will provide SeedBlink with the opportunity to work with national-level accelerators and plentiful venture capital. After that, SeedBlink will expand into Western Europe where they can partner with other platforms. We want to bring more people together under a single umbrella with a single goal: Grow the European tech ecosystem while enhancing our investors wealth.

ROFIN.TECH : Can you share with us top 3 positive predictions that you see in the Romanian Fintech ecosystem for 2022?

Andrei Dudoiu: Increased efficiency, increased transparency and improved access to financial services and inclusion while delivering an exceptional user experience are among the most important principles for the fintech industry in my opinion.

I think that 2022 will see increased growth in the Romanian fintech sector of solutions aimed at better serving the financial services infrastructure, investment and wealth management we serve and open banking structures.

We must also not forget the need to continue to strengthen the national regulatory environment. For example, the EU Crowdfunding Regulation provides investors on crowdfunding platforms with an adapted and enhanced framework for investor protection. In this context, the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority has supported the EU Crowdfunding Regulation and the local laws implementing the MiFID Amendment Directive and its approval according to the

About SeedBlink:

Launched in January 2020 by a team of former bankers, serial entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, Romania-based SeedBlink is already Europe’s fastest growing investing platform specialised in sourcing, vetting, financing, and scaling European tech start-ups.

A marketplace matching investors with technology start-ups, SeedBlink is poised to play a key role in the development of Europe’s tech ecosystem.

About Andrei Dudoiu:

After 20 years in banking, Andrei started a new life journey in 2018, ready to experience new things, develop his skills and autonomy as an entrepreneur and support the innovation ecosystem. Since then, Andrei initiated Human Finance – a digital accelerator – and at the end of 2019, SeedBlink – an investment platform dedicated to supporting Romanian and European tech startups and their visionary founders.

PublishedJanuary 05, 2022

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Raluca Jianu

CEO & Co-founder

Epic Visits

SeedBlink has created a vital ecosystem for startups at the beginning of their journey by equipping entrepreneurs with expertise, encouraging honest and sometimes uncomfortable but necessary discussions about risks and vulnerabilities through a suite of tools, and facilitating connections with investors who share the founders' vision and can contribute to their success. I have greatly appreciated the constant support of Eric and the entire team at all stages of the campaign. Thank you so much!


Florin Stoian

Co-Founder & CEO


SeedBlink boosted our brand exposure and facilitated the financial support we were seeking. Having a campaign on the platform allowed us not only to meet a team of professionals - that guided and helped us prepare the necessary materials - but also opened doors for increasing our brand awareness and have discussions with VCs & angel investors we have never reached before.  This campaign gave us the encouragement we needed to push the product further, while the record-breaking fundraising (only 2 hours from the launch of the campaign!) was a great confirmation that our product is needed in this market and that we should continue innovating.


Diwaker Singh

Co-Founder & CEO


“As a platform that only serves technology ventures, SeedBlink is able to connect the start-up with more than just money. SeedBlink investors are primarily technocrats that not only understand the objectives of the fund raising company, but are also able to, post funding, contribute with business opportunities. The minimum investment threshold, and technology focus, differentiates SeedBlink from other fund raising platforms. A perfect fit for a technology start-up seeking intelligent funding”.


Mihai Cepoi

Co-Founder & CEO


For us, this bridge round was the first experience of capital crowdfunding. Working with the Seedblink team, we saw a very high degree of professionalism, we had a very good experience and we are very happy with the results of this campaign. From a visibility and impact perspective, we look forward to January in order to capitalise on these new opportunities. As a thought, for all Romanian entrepreneurs, I think that the format offered by SeedBlink can be a good reality check but also a super opportunity to attract investments in their businesses.


Linda Vasilescu

Co-Founder & CEO


Getting funding through Seedblink is an event in itself, which can propel the company in a completely different sphere of interest, both for the business area and for the general public. The collaboration with SeedBlink made us realise that an unexpectedly large number of people were concerned about the circular economy and channelling these energies. SeedBlink is a unique construction in the Romanian context, equivalent to the innovation and incandescence of a real incubator.


Raluca Stratulat

Co-Founder & CEO


SeedBlink is a unique platform in Romania in what it offers - not only access to finance, but also a facile experience of optimising your business. Using the expertise of the SeedBlink team, start-ups that choose to be listed here get mentored and advice from entrepreneurs, analysts, investors and PR experts for whom he would have paid much more elsewhere, and for these reasons I would say that SeedBlink was more than just a platform for me to successfully raise funds; it was a growth experience, an ecosystem of very nice people and good professionals and overall, a very necessary and valuable presence in the ecosystem of startups in Romania and beyond.


Adrian Stratulat



I warmly recommend other startups looking for pre-seed or seed funding to turn to SeedBlink. Through equity crowdfunding, but also mentoring and self-assessment tools provided, SeedBlink covers a niche that other groups of angels, VCs or other alternatives cover only partially or not at all. And beyond the funds raised through SeedBlink, the fact that a start-up has gone through the validation and mentoring offered by the SeedBlink team is an extremely valuable trust badge - you feel like an entrepreneur that you've moved to the next level.


Gabi Bartic



I would recommend SeedBlink to any start-up that wants to publicly validate that it has a profitable, viable and fundable business. As business people, we know that in "one-to-one" selling the chemistry is essential. This dire and transparent "one-to-many" process that SeedBlink proposes, is for any incipient business a breath of oxygen and a reliable boost, that with no doubt any start-up needs. The validation given by a large number of investors who believe in you, I confess that it is invaluable.


Evelina Necula

Co-Founder & CMO


Crowdfunding is a valid financing option, especially for start-ups that want to have a social impact. Besides access to capital, such a round brings with you a multitude of motivated people, future ambassadors of your business. In a market where it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate in an authentic and relevant way, I think it is precious to amplify your message through the voice of business people with credibility, customers, partners and so forth. The SeedBlink campaign has brought us a significant profile at a critical moment for Kinderpedia.


Valeriu Filip

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Given this experience, we no longer imagine how an innovative start-up could develop healthily without such support; you need to be realistic and realize that there are hundreds of start-ups with similar ideas to those of your team, and the difference can only be made by relying on transparency and rigour before an approved jury. The alternative is to rely on luck and to actually work as it is; hoping that you are sufficiently well-informed and experienced and that the cash flow at the beginning of the journey will help you get over pivots, uncertainties and other competitors in the market.


Laurenţiu Niţă

Founder & CEO

Quarks Interactive

SeedBlink has become for us more than a platform of crowdfunding. The team has remained after the successful completion of the campaign, our advisors. They are people with extensive experience, united by a strong common objective: to make significant changes to current investment practices in Europe. We are incredibly pleased that we are now part of the SeedBlink family.


Andrei Vasile

Co-Founder & CEO


The whole process was smooth; you have direct interaction with the founders of SeedBlink. We have never defied ourselves to call any of them to ask for feedback; they have provoked us a great deal -- that's why we think you must prepare before you have such an interview. As for the campaign - it ended in less than an hour, although the timeline had been allocated 30 days.


Mihai Dârzan

Co-Founder & CEO


Getting financing through Seedblink is a transparent and fast option of fundraising for start-ups that want to accelerate their growth. The crowdfunding campaign was an intense one, receiving all the support and openness from SeedBlink, both strategical and operational. Although our listing was atypical, our team and Seedblink’s team worked as one, united and with a common goal, leading to reaching and exceeding initial targets in just three days. The success of the campaign has created visibility both at national and abroad.