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SeedBlink's investment deal types: insights from our community Q&A


Patricia Borlovan

· 3 min read
SeedBlink's investment deal types: insights from our community Q&A
Explore SeedBlink's investment opportunity types with Eric Bartha. Uncover insights into our diverse deals, rigorous selection process, and European expansion.

In a recent community session hosted by SeedBlink, we took a deep dive into the investment opportunity types of our platform, led by Eric Batha, Head of Investment Management.

The session aimed to bring clarity, focusing on the intricacies of their investment process, types of deals, and the platform's evolution.

SeedBlink — expanding horizons

Pan-European footprint.

SeedBlink operates across Europe, enabling a wide variety of deals.

This cross-border strategy creates the fertile ground for a diverse investment portfolio, enabled by co-investing alongside venture capitalists and helping tech startups get funded and execute their growth ambitions.

Going from pre-seed to pre-IPO.

Originally focusing on pre-seed companies, the platform now embraces a wider spectrum, extending its reach to seed, series A, B, and pre-IPO stages, primarily within the technology sector.

SeedBlink’s investment process explained.

Fundraising steps.

Companies are scouted by the investment team or directly submit their intention to launch a financing round via SeedBlink. The initial information required includes a pitch deck, business plan, financials, and founder details.

In-depth selection criteria.

The assessment focuses on critical factors like the health of the cap table, ensuring founders retain a substantial ownership stake, the existence of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), the startup’s market traction, and the overall structure of the investment round.

Multi-stage review process.

The investment team thoroughly reviews each startup application internally and then by an investment committee, ensuring only the most promising ventures are selected.

Comprehensive campaign management.

Once a startup is approved to launch its round on SeedBlink, marketing and operations teams collaborate in preparing a detailed investment campaign, covering various aspects from pitch sessions to investor communications.

Post-investment engagement.

This operational phase involves gathering funds, finalizing investment documents, transferring the amount, and maintaining a regular update channel to inform investors about company progress.

Types of deals available with SeedBlink.

  • VC-Backed deals: These are specifically designed for start-ups from seed to Series B. With a range of investments from €100,000 to €2,000,000, this deal type focuses on start-ups with demonstrable maturity and traction. Investors can enter these rounds with tickets starting at €2,500. All start-ups in this category are subject to a rigorous due diligence process by partner venture capital funds.
  • Syndicate deals: This type of round, usually led by angel investors, is also aimed at seed start-ups with an investment range between €100,000 and €1,000,000. Like co-invested rounds, investors can participate with tickets starting at €2,500. However, the major difference is that the start-ups' maturity and traction checks are performed directly by the SeedBlink team, ensuring a rigorous internal evaluation.
  • Community stars for early-stage startups: aimed at very early-stage (pre-seed) start-ups. They target investments ranging from €50,000 to €300,000. The major advantage here is flexibility and accessibility, allowing investors to participate with investment vouchers from a much lower threshold of €500.

The investment platform has a rigorous selection process, resulting in only about 2.1% of companies getting exposed to SeedBlink’s investors' community.

The secondary market, launched at the beginning of this year, has shown promising activity, helping investors with early liquidity and offering a platform for transactions without the operational hustle.

SeedBlink received its license under the ECSPR in November 2022, one of the first European players to receive the services permit. The ECSPR protects investors through an external audit, regulates the information they receive, and allows platforms to develop secondary markets.

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