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Secondary Market – First Event Results


Bianca Iulia Simion

· 2 min read
Secondary Market – First Event Results
The first event (April 2023) concluded with 31 completed transactions totaling more than €100,000, and a strong investor participation in the beta version of the Secondary Market.

SeedBlink's First Event in the Secondary Market delivered promising outcomes, reconfirming a steady appetite for startup investment opportunities.

The first event (April 2023) concluded with 31 completed transactions totaling more than €100,000, and a strong investor participation in the beta version of the Secondary Market.

In total, there were close to 300 offers, both selling and buying activities. Sellers seized the opportunity, with a ratio of 1:3 buy to sell offers.

Unlocking Liquidity: Demystifying the Secondary Market for Startup Investments

Among the top companies with equity rounds available on the secondary market that generated transactions were Druid, Yload, SeedBlink, and Brainhero. Key verticals that attracted significant interest and concluded successful deals included AI/ML, LogTech, Fintech, and MedTech.

Currently, on the bulletin board, buyers can explore a diversity of 46 European tech companies, further expanding the investment opportunities available to investors. Additionally, the event witnessed 60 buy-in-the-blind offers, which allow interested buyers to make offers in companies without visible selling offers from present shareholders. These offers, made after successfully completing the KYC/AML process, involve providing details such as the offered price per share and the allocated budget.

Product Updates – Secondary Market is now out of beta

Since its beta launch in March, SeedBlink's Secondary Market has been fine-tuned and improved based on valuable user feedback, empowering investors with new features and a more friendly interface.

As we conclude this phase and transition out of beta, we are happy to share the updates made to enhance the experience. Here's a summary of the key updates that have taken place:

Enhanced Bulletin Board Functionality:

  • Improved exploration and analysis of the bulletin board.
  • Advanced filtering options including the amount of shares available, streamlining the search for suitable investment opportunities.
  • Extended range of investment options.

Streamlined User Experience:

  • Improved information and insights on the companies listed.
  • "Buy in the blind" offers are displayed in the Dashboard, simplifying management and tracking for investors.
  • Enhanced DocuSign integration for a smooth process for signing important documents.
  • Navigation optimization across devices.

What’s next on our roadmap:

  • Secondary Market extended to deals implemented on the Nominee operational model.
  • Make Secondary Market available for Convertible and SAFE rounds.
  • Ongoing optimisation of the dashboard & process based on users’ feedback.

This could not have been achieved without all the great feedback received in the past two months – it helps us ensure that this is a solution that meets the needs of investors and start-ups alike.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to build and pave the way for a new era of investment possibilities.

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