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Weekly Digest: curated tech news & food for thought


Bianca Iulia Simion

· 2 min read
Weekly Digest: curated tech news & food for thought

Good morning!

Welcome to our weekly conversation starter. We are relentlessly reimagining the world of tomorrow — one that is built on innovative technology, fueled by market-moving insights and driven by forward thinking.

Portfolio News

Code Of Talent launched 3 new AI capabilities: Prediction and Guidance, Learning Journey Generator and Virtual Trainer.

Brainhero makes waves with its playful neurofeedback therapy, promoting the development of children with autism.

Voxa boosted its B2B sales through the benefits packages offered by companies to employees at Christmas.

Active rounds

🗃️ Licenseware is a Romanian Enterprise SaaS raising a Late Seed round to help enterprises reduce software licensing costs. Winner of How to Web's Spotlight competition in 2022.

👥 Undelucram (Wherewework) is a Romanian HRTech startup raising a Late Seed round to solve the pains of the current recruitment and job application process.

🚆 Swisspod is a Swiss LogTech startup building the next technology platform that enables Hyperloop raising a Late Seed round.

📈 Aqurate is a Romanian AI/ML startup raising a Seed round to help eCommerce shops benefit from their data and increase sales.

👨‍💻 QuarkXR is a Bulgarian SaaS startup that streamlines Extended Reality technology use for enterprises.

💡 Ambr is a UK HRTech startup preventing workplace burnout through software.

Investors resources pick

Growth metrics guide by a16z

Andreessen Horowitz, known as "a16z," is a Silicon Valley VC firm supporting visionary business people shaping the technological future. Based on a16z data and the investing team's knowledge, they publish insightful information in dedicated blogging, including their standards for B2B businesses. Learn more.

European SaaS: re-focus on capital efficiency

The first GP Bullhound European SaaS report has been released, providing a thorough analysis of KPIs and transaction activity in the region. They offer guidance to SaaS founders, CEOs, and investors on how to deal with imminent difficulties while highlighting the performance indicators of those companies most likely to thrive.

Zoom in: startups landscape in Greece

The EIT Digital and Found.ation report of the Greek startup ecosystem offers insightful information about the scene's evolution through time, combining documentation from supportive players, as well as opinion pieces from investors, SeedBlink and stakeholders. Jump in.

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