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Weekly Digest: curated tech news & food for thought


Bianca Iulia Simion

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Weekly Digest: curated tech news & food for thought

Good morning!

Welcome to our weekly conversation starter.

Portfolio News

  • Hyperhuman is the game-changer in fitness video production. Learn why.
  • UndeLucram is raising a new funding round starting tomorrow on SeedBlink.

Active rounds

🗃️ Licenseware is a Romanian Enterprise SaaS raising a Late Seed round to help enterprises reduce software licensing costs. Winner of How to Web's Spotlight competition in 2022.

🚆 Swisspod is a Swiss LogTech startup building the next technology platform that enables Hyperloop raising a Late Seed round.

🛒 Macai is an Italian Q-commerce startup aiming to create a fully digital supermarket. The FoodTech raises up to €10M in a Seed round co-invested by 5 VCs.

📈 Aqurate is a Romanian AI/ML startup raising a Seed round to help eCommerce shops benefit from their data and increase sales.

👨‍💻 QuarkXR is a Bulgarian SaaS startup that streamlines Extended Reality technology use for enterprises.

💡 Ambr is a UK HRTech startup preventing workplace burnout through software.

Sofia Open Days - Startup Pitch Day

SeedBlink team is coming to Sofia on Dec 16 and invites startup founders for a casual discussion about their businesses and how we can contribute to their success stories. Get insights from the Deal Captains Mircea Ghita and Angel Hadjiev and get ready for your next growth funding round. Apply here.

Startups resources pick

The Midas List Europe

The Midas List Europe is a data-driven list that honors the most successful bets by startup investors, from high-profile IPOs to still-private unicorns. Realized and recent returns are given special weight. See who weathered the storm here, in the full list for 2022.

Building a personal branding strategy

Visible Experts aren’t much different from the rest of us. In fact, many of them admit that they aren’t the smartest or most knowledgeable people in their fields. They weren’t born writers. They weren’t born orators. And most weren’t born with exceptional charisma. Instead, they developed their personal branding strategies the hard way, through trial and error.

Community Voice: Mario Peshev

"Investing is a broad term that addresses several of my aspirations" says Mario Peshev, "from financial stability and risk management, to continuous learning, to an element of philanthropy that helps businesses and supports families."

Read his full take on startup investment.

OpenAI goes mainstream

There’s a new AI in town and it’s ready to steal the show: GPT Chat by OpenAI. Within five days of its launch, its user count had broken 1 million. How far do the benefits go, where do the dangers begin? 2023 will definitely be the year of debate about how much "freedom" and how much power humanity may grant to this technology. Learn more.

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