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Transforming last-mile delivery: Interview with Gregor Herdmann, CEO of PaketConcierge


Bianca Iulia Simion

· 3 min read
Transforming last-mile delivery: Interview with Gregor Herdmann, CEO of PaketConcierge
Learn about the company’s innovative app-based platform and its mission to optimize convenience and sustainability in the delivery industry.

Gregor Herdmann, Founder and Co-CEO of PaketConcierge, leads a pioneering venture in last-mile delivery innovation. With a focus on disrupting traditional delivery models, PaketConcierge aims to optimize convenience, efficiency, and sustainability for consumers, carriers, and the environment.

PaketConcierge offers an app-based platform that revolutionizes P2P delivery services, providing package concierge solutions for customers. By offering a convenient out-of-home delivery option, users can easily receive and pick up all their packages at one designated location, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable delivery ecosystem. With Gregor’s expertise in software development and agile project management, PaketConcierge is driving innovation in the delivery industry, one package at a time.

1. What ‘aha’ moment inspired the creation of PaketConcierge?

The idea of PaketConcierge was born in the frequent moments of high frustration when I expected a package to be delivered to my doorstep only to be dropped off somewhere else. Often miles away from home at a random carrier pick-up location. Or even worse, at an unknown location. This regularly led to time-consuming chases and WTF moments when ‘not’ getting my deliveries.

2. What was your drive back then? What change did you want to make?

I often thought about how easy life could be if I were in the driver’s seat. I would have all my packages delivered to the same pick-up point – the one just across the street. The underlying twist was technically enabling the pick-up location to accept and deal with packages from all carriers and link them to the respective consignees. And on the other hand, we give consumers a universal tool to redirect and manage all deliveries to this universal pick-up location.

3. How does PaketConcierge’s app-based platform significantly enhance last-mile delivery, addressing key market gaps?

We provide the critical layer between the carriers and the consignees. Only a genuinely universal OOH option is convenient for consumers. Only with a genuinely universal OOH option does consumer acceptance increase by factors that lead to large OOH volume. The results greatly benefit carrier efficiency, consumer convenience, pick-up location revenue, city congestion, and environmental sustainability.

4. How do you scale your business, driving financial success?

The beauty of our business model is that it perfectly works with its smallest unit – the pick-up location. By simply adding more pick-up locations to our network, our business will grow. How do we add pick-up locations? The collaboration with the carriers in terms of strategic partnerships gives us access to the carrier-specific pick-up point networks with 10,000s of existing spots. We validated a ramp-up speed of 100 spots per month per onboarding headcount. Teams of 6 operating in 5 cities at a time can onboard 36,000 spots annually. All over Europe, the total number of pick-up points is 340,000 (TAM). Every single pick-up location unlocks a monthly revenue potential of EUR 2,400.

5. How do you ensure the sustainability of PaketConcierge’s business model?

Our business model is very robust. Once established in a specific last-mile delivery region, e.g., a city like Berlin, it simply does not make sense for our business partners to split volumes again in this area as it would reduce pooling factors and efficiency by factors again. We are the first kid on the block and thus will be able to secure the most significant market share.

6. How does PaketConcierge empower users to make informed decisions when utilizing its solutions?

Only the PaketConcierge app gives users a map with genuinely universal pick-up locations from which to choose. Once the user has decided on a specific pick-up location, they get an address that consists of the pick-up location’s physical address and a unique personal ID. Like a c/o address, this address can be used as the shipping address at every online shop or sender. Once saved as the preferred delivery address with your favorite online shops, all packages will be sent directly to the chosen pick-up location in the user’s immediate vicinity. Thanks to the ID code, the user will be notified immediately when their package gets scanned upon carrier drop-off.

7. What are potential exit scenarios for investors supporting PaketConcierge?

We see three options:

  1. An extensive and well-running business could be transferred by IPO to a stock-tradable investment,
  2. Private equity firms operating in e-commerce will consider PaketConcierge attractive in terms of “retailer customer journey” and “retailer customer satisfaction,”
  3. Strategic investors in the logistics segment, including the carriers, will naturally be interested in PaketConcierge.

8. How do you envision the company’s growth?

As strategic partne of the carriers, PaketConcierge grows with the carriers instead of competing with them. The CAGR of already gigantic e-commerce sector is expected to remain at 8-10% for the coming years. Linked to that, the package delivery market is growing in lockstep. The faster municipalities not only ask for OOH but enforce it, the higher the OOH share, the higher our SAM, and the higher our SOM.

9. Do you have a mentor or individual within the tech industry whom you admire and draw inspiration from?

We are deeply inspired by innovation-driven leaders in the logistics and last-mile delivery industry pushing barriers toward a sustainable and seamless way of delivering parcels within urban structures. We find those experts within all sectors of the logistics business ecosystem and started partnering up with them.

10. Why should investors consider being part of PaketConcierge’s journey?

It’s all about timing! – Our approach eliminates well-known but unsolved deficits in today’s last-mile delivery processes by reducing complexity. It produces a rare win-win-win for carriers, consumers, and cities/environment. It also fits perfectly in a last-mile market ecosystem that just started to shift towards OOH solutions. The early bird catches the worm!

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