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Bianca Iulia Simion

· 3 min read
Weekly Digest: curated tech news & food for thought
Welcome to our weekly conversation starter.

A lot of interesting news to talk about. Scroll down for:

  • Primary Market: active opportunities
  • Secondary market updates
  • Investors resources picks
  • Events we can meet at

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Primary Market: active opportunities

🇩🇪 VC-Backed | LogTech | Paket Concierge is raising €3M to simplify last-mile delivery via Out-of-Home pickup hubs.

🇩🇪 VC-Backed | HealthTech | MindAhead is raising €1M to scale its digital therapy solutions that slow the progression of dementia.

Explore 18 active rounds on the platform, from VC-backed to Community Stars.

🎙️Community Stars Showcase on March 26. Register here.

€1.4M Secondary Market transactions

Whether you intend to purchase or sell, the Secondary Market is equipped to serve your needs. Since its inception, our Secondary Market has successfully conducted transactions amounting to more than €1.4M, connecting a vibrant community of over 400 active members. Check the Bulletin Board.

Portfolio companies highlights

  • Hyperloop can soon become a reality in India. Swisspod Technologies and India’s TuTr Hyperloop join efforts, backed by a Memorandum signed by both Swiss and Indian governments.
  • EIC recommits to cargo airline Dronamics with €10M investment.

Read more news in our dedicated blog post.

Investors resources pick

Better at scaling | Read more

Rather than focusing solely on size, Europe should concentrate on enabling its companies to scale more efficiently. That involves addressing cultural, legal, and operational complexities.

A ChatGPT for music is here | Read more

Suno wants everyone to be able to produce their pro-level songs — but what does that mean for artists? Just listen to one of the tracks it created...

Rewired to outcompete | Read more

The distance between digital and AI leaders and other industry players is big, and it’s getting bigger. Over the past three years, the spread in digital and AI maturity between leaders and laggards has increased by 60%.

Swiss mountains of performance | Read more

Switzerland is the most innovative country in Europe for the 13th consecutive year. Discover its thriving startup ecosystem, marked by innovation, stability, and growth in tech for over a decade.

Let's network

🇷🇴 Mar 28: Rubik Hub Crash Course on Cap Tables | Info

🇧🇬 Mar 26: Finance Summit: Investment, Technology, Innovation, Sofia | Info

🇦🇹 Apr 23: The Vienna Startup Conference, Vienna | Info

🇳🇱 May 29-30: Upstream Festival, Rotterdam

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