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Innovation Redefined: The Journey of Massimiliano Squillace and CONTENTS


Bianca Iulia Simion

· 5 min read
Innovation Redefined: The Journey of Massimiliano Squillace and CONTENTS
Meet Massimiliano Squillace, an Italian Serial Entrepreneur with a remarkable track record that speaks volumes.

With 4 successful exits under his belt, including the recent sale of OXL to Nasper, Massimiliano's journey is one characterized by innovation and an unwavering commitment to driving change.

Powered by generative AI, offers a diverse range of services that cater to the dynamic needs of the digital age. From industry trends and brainstorming to AI-driven writing, chat services, copywriting, SEO content, e-commerce product descriptions, translations, and audio-to-text transcriptions, is a one-stop solution for businesses seeking innovative content solutions.

Let's start with the personal side of your journey. Could you share a little about your own story and what personally drove you to create CONTENTS?

Back in my first year of college, I kicked off my very first startup adventure. Fast forward three years and that little startup turned into my first big success story with a sale. I've actually sold three other companies that I started from scratch, and one of them was in the digital publishing game – Nano Publishing, which got snapped up by Excite Populis.

I've always been a big cheerleader for various startup ventures and have invested in more than 50 of them along the way. On top of all that, I've written some books on stuff like communication, society, and economics. One of my hits, "Startup," hit the shelves back in 2014.

Right now, I'm the happy CEO & Founder of Contents, a global tech company doing some seriously awesome stuff.

It's always fascinating to hear about the "aha" moments. Can you tell us about the specific moment or experience that inspired you to start a platform like CONTENTS? was inspired by the need for a more accessible and efficient way to create high-quality marketing content. The platform uses AI to help businesses generate high-quality content in seconds, saving them time and money.

For example, a small business owner can easily enter a brief description of their new product, and will generate a high-quality blog post in seconds, which can then be published on their website and shared on social media. is democratizing content creation by making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their budget or technical expertise.

Describe CONTENTS as if you were explaining it to a friend who knows nothing about technology. What makes it exciting and user-friendly? is a global tech company that provides cutting-edge solutions for content ideation, creation, and transformation. Through a Generative AI platform, it creates multilingual, unique, and optimized content by integrating AI efficiency and human creativity with the goal of making content creation easy and performance-focused. The company currently has a team of 90 people between offices in Milan, Madrid, Paris, and Las Vegas.

In your own words, what do you think is the 'magic' behind CONTENTS that makes users enjoy using it? Is there a particular aspect that users find unexpectedly delightful? is a platform that helps businesses create and manage marketing content using AI. It is unique in that it offers a "no prompt" approach, which means that users do not need to know how to write complex prompts to generate content. Instead, they can simply provide a brief description of what they want, and the platform's AI will take care of the rest.

This makes accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their technical expertise. It can also save businesses a lot of time and money, as they no longer need to hire expensive copywriters to create their marketing content. Here is an example of how can be used: a business wants to create a blog post about the benefits of their new product.

They simply need to go to the platform, enter a brief description of the product and the benefits they want to highlight, and the platform's AI will generate a high-quality blog post in seconds. can also be used to generate other types of marketing content, such as social media posts, email campaigns, and product descriptions. It is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes create and manage their marketing content more efficiently and effectively.

What milestones and challenges are ahead of CONTENTS?

Our milestones and challenge is to be the global leader in providing cutting-edge, technology-driven content creation solutions that empower individuals and organizations worldwide, fostering creativity and delivering value to diverse audiences across the globe. Furthermore, we are leading the way by empowering individuals and organizations to unleash the infinite potential of artificial intelligence as a creative ally to streamline all content creation processes.

What additional support does CONTENTS seek from potential investors to bolster its journey toward commercialization?

Contents seek additional support from potential investors to bolster its journey towards commercialization, particularly in geographic support and corporate sales networks.

In terms of geographic support, Contents aims to expand its reach and target customers in new markets. This may involve establishing partnerships with local businesses or investors who can help the company navigate the cultural and business landscape of these regions.

In terms of corporate sales network, Contents seeks to build relationships with key stakeholders in various industries to promote its content creation and management platform. This can involve engaging with marketing and sales teams at potential corporate clients to showcase the benefits of using Contents' solution over other content management tools.

Overall, with the right support from investors, Contents can scale up its operations and bring its innovative platform to a wider audience, ultimately driving revenue growth and success.

Why should investors join this round, from your perspective? is a global vertical player with the potential to become the market leader in an industry worth over $500 billion. This means that the company has a large and growing addressable market, and it is well-positioned to capture a significant share of that market.

Here you can find five reasons to invest in today:

Strong Market Validation has already created over 1 million pieces of multilingual content yearly. This demonstrates that the company has a strong product-market fit and that its customers are satisfied with its services.

Simple Business Model has a simple subscription-based business model. This means that the company generates recurring revenue from its customers, which is a desirable characteristic for investors.

Scalable Business Model has a gross margin of close to 85%. This means that the company has a very profitable business model, and it can generate significant profits with relatively small increases in revenue.

Strong Team is led by a solid team with long-standing relationships. This means that the company has the experience and expertise to execute its growth plan.

Seeking $15M Series B is seeking a $15 million Series B investment to fund its ambitious growth plan and hit an ARR of over $1 billion within ten years. This investment will allow the company to expand into new markets, develop new products, and acquire complementary businesses.

Overall, is a well-positioned company with a large addressable market, a strong product-market fit, a simple and scalable business model, and a solid team. This makes it a compelling investment opportunity for investors who are looking to invest in a high-growth company with the potential to become a market leader.

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