Angel Investor

Angel investors are independent private investors who aim to finance and support businesses they believe in. They are one of the most important and impactful investors, especially in the early stages of a startup.

An angel investor is an essential resource in the life of a growing startup because they provide seed capital and bring their expertise and knowledge to the table. They come with an external perspective and stay close while guiding founders to grow their business and take better decisions along this journey. The main characteristics that define a business angel are:

  • Invest in the early stages of a startup.
  • Invest more than a day-to-day investor and less than a VC (minimum 100K EUR per ticket).
  • Invest their own money and are actively supporting the founders with network and expertise.
  • Expect ROI to come later in the future (5-10 years).
  • Take equity or a share of the company’s revenue stream.
  • Have a personal decision-making process for funding decisions.
  • Strive for impact - they look to foster innovation and support economic growth.

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