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Let’s deep dive into another list of resources worth following. Check out the top VC and angel investor blogs from the European community!


Not so long ago, we started to look at the European Community's best resources, and we went through the main VC and angel investors worth following online. Today, we will continue the journey with the articles and blogs they publish individually or through their VC fund.

So, without further ado, let’s deep dive into the list!

Top 10 European venture capital blogs to follow

Point Nine Capital blog - This is one of the best sources of industry insights and unique perspectives about SaaS and marketplace startups. Point Nine’s team looks at different data from their portfolio companies and extracts them into the annual Napkin report and other articles.

Sequoia’s stories - Sequoia covers different news topics, unique perspectives, and founder stories on their blog, from their investment activity worldwide. Some of the stories are about US-based startups, but they also release excellent editorial materials about their investment in European startups. A recent example is a biographic piece about Daniel Dines, CEO of UiPath, portrayed as the Architect of the New Automation.

Index Ventures blog - Similar to Sequoia’s blog updates, Index Ventures releases exciting stories, close-up interviews with founders, or industry perspectives from experts in their community, alongside portfolio updates.

Earlybird Venture Capital blog - Besides constant updates about the new companies entering their portfolio, Earlybird also shares unique views and VC thoughts from their investors or industry analysis.

Speedinvest blog - Speedinvest talks about their investment thesis, strategies to follow, tips & tricks, best practices by investors, and industry analysis or reports,

Elaia’s blog - Launched by Elaia Partners, a deep-tech venture capital fund in Europe, covers portfolio stories, exit stories, best practices in VC funding, industry analysis, and educational guides for founders approaching investors.

Voima Ventures blog - Voima has a great series of founder stories in the spotlight that shares the struggles and challenges of their portfolio company founders. They also publish investment views on different industries and the thesis behind their investments.

Creandum blog - Creandum VC fund with offices in the US and Europe talks about industry trends and movements, unique traits that define startups, tips and tricks for founders looking to scale their business, and valuable internal templates.

VC leaders - A blog started by Pawel Michalski, Partner at COBIN Angels, covers VC's wide range of educational content. The articles are also inspirational and offer unique perspectives through direct discussions with other investors and VCs.

VC Cafe - It’s a popular blog about technology and venture capital topics covered by Eze Vidra, founder of Remagine Ventures. You can find industry news, useful reports, maps from European ecosystems, and thought leadership content.

A particular track of recommendations

Vestbee’s blog - A little different from the usual VC blogs, Vestbee’s blog constantly updates on what happened in diverse startup ecosystems, the latest investments happening each month, recommendations, lists, and reports on the startup investment activity in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Untitled Newsletter - Not a blog but a newsletter, the Untitled Ventures publishes via Substack a series of opinions on actual market trends that impact founders and investors. You can subscribe to get them in your inbox, but at the same time, you can bookmark the link and read it as a blog article.

Top 6 European angel investors blogs to follow

Fabrice Grinda - Fabrice is a French entrepreneur and the world's leading Internet investor. Besides a great portfolio, he also writes some insightful editorial articles and hosts Playing With Unicorns, a live streaming show about startups, entrepreneurship, and investments.

Pawel Chudzinski - Partner and co-founder at Point Nine Capital, Pawel also likes to write his thoughts on market trends, best practices, and industry analysis on his blog.

Christoph Janz - He is also a Partner at Point Nine Capital, alongside Pawel. His blog, The Angel VC, is listed among other top blog recommendations to follow. Even if he didn’t publish new articles since 2020, he still has some good articles worth reading about SaaS, early-stage investments, business models, and thoughts on marketing for startups.

Jason Ball - Jason is a Senior Director at Qualcomm Ventures in London and has been writing on his blog about a wide range of topics related to startup funding, best practices in investments, and how things work in venture capital for more than10 years now.

Nikita Andersson - Senior Analyst @Hummingbird VC, Nikita is a contributor to a few Medium venture capital publications. She writes articles about the history of startups and VCs in Europe, market trends, and other exciting topics. Make sure to follow also Lumus Investment Collective Community.

Berlin VC - This is a blog started by Ciaran O’Leary, a german investor covering exciting pieces of advice for startups and sharing his thoughts on how the ecosystem works. After launching his venture capital firm, BlueYard, he stopped publishing, but the blog remains a reference point for other investors who are just starting.

If you have liked our recommendations, you might want to share them with your network via social media. And you can also let us know who’s missing from this list, as we are looking to expand and update the list soon.

By Patricia Borlovan

PublishedApril 05, 2022

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