SeedBlink Spring Release 2022

Based on our users' feedback and the last two years of constant learning, we brought you updates on the platform and website that improve and set out the pace for our product and what comes next.


With our Bulgarian launch just a couple of days ago, we are ready to bring announce our Spring Release 2022! So let’s get right in and learn more about SeedBlink Club, Secondary Market and Follow-ons for SeedBlink investors, new website pages, and a better user experience:

SeedBlink Club

"Diversify your portfolio" is one of the most common and vital statements regarding investments, and this is why we created the tool that will do exactly just that. We introduce to you: SeedBlink Club yearly membership.

Why we created this, and what is it exactly? The why behind the membership is based on our users' feedback and our journey to deliver an online investment platform that will cover all investors' needs and wants. We make it easier to diversify your portfolio and disperse the risks by giving you access to flexible investment tickets, private events and deal rooms, and easy access to a network of industry experts.

As a member of SeedBlink Club, you get access to:

  • A minimum investment ticket of 1.000 EUR (instead of 2.500 EUR) that will help hedge your bets by investing in startups from different tech verticals.
  • Exclusive private events invitations that, with the support of our partners and network, go beyond investing and develop knowledge on all topics related.
  • Fast and easy access to SeedBlink's network by joining webinars and getting in touch with industry experts.
  • Not only that, but you will never miss out on a good investment opportunity because all SeedBlink Club members will get early access to campaigns including to syndication deal rooms.

In a 2 minute process, one can get access to all benefits offered by the subscription. Check all details on the new SeedBlink Club (329 EUR /year).

My Portfolio updates

SeedBlink's “My Portfolio” section is one of the strongest features we offer to our customers. We focus on delivering improved data, information, updates and developments of the investor's portfolio. We are growing it towards a direction where any investor could build their investment thesis through SeedBlink's platform.

Here is a part of the new features and tools we've been working on this past quarter:


Being able to "double down" on the "winners" in a portfolio is an essential factor in the success of any investment, especially those made at the early stages of a startup. This is why SeedBlink has, since its beginnings, negotiated on behalf of its investors the right to maintain their ownership stake in a company in case of a new round of investment.

We are happy to announce that our Platform can ensure that the follow-on investments are captured and correctly displayed inside My Portfolio. Investors can rely on that information to make their next move.


The Secondary Market allows investors to announce amongst themselves assets they already own and want to sell or buy, thus significantly increasing the chances to add liquidity of one Portfolio's investments. Conversely, it also offers investors the possibility to "double-down" or "buy-in" a company they believe in without waiting for a primary market event.

SeedBlink's My Portfolio is now able to capture said events and display the data accordingly.

We are also working on developing the tools that will enable Investors to publish their trading offers and exchange investment assets among themselves in a controlled and secure way. We'll be launching a first version this summer, so stay tuned for more good news - so far we deployed pilots triggered by new rounds.

External Event

Because we want our investors to see the entire development of their investments all in one platform. We can now capture details from external events (events that happen outside of our platform) that may impact those assets.

Other updates

US residents accreditation

We want to become the Tech Investing Platform in Europe, and as such, we are already compliant with the EU regulations regarding crowdfunding. However, because our reach has leapt across oceans and reached so many investors, we wanted to make sure we are compliant with US-based investors' regulations. That's why we updated our onboarding procedures and our “My Profile” section to include for US residents a custom accreditation form that they will have to fill in to be able to invest through SeedBlink.

SeedBlink is the place where you can network with like-minded people! Now you can link your LinkedIn profile to the SeedBlink one so that we can connect, get to know each other better, and start discussing multiple matters.

Payment details

Working to bring constantly all necessary features within our platform. Linked to the Secondary Market project, now you can add payment details inside the “My Profile” section, so when the time comes to sell some of your Portfolio's assets, you are set to go!

Happy to hear your thoughts on the new product updates, and what you think we should focus on more. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem with our product or if you have any message that you would like to share with us!

By Adriana Iordan

PublishedApril 05, 2022

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