March Portfolio Updates - SeedBlink Alumni

We welcome Serbian MarTech Hunch to our cohort of Portfolio companies!

  • The Benefito SIM card is now available for order through the PayPoint merchant network. It offers a discount of up to 50% for PayPoint partners. Read more.
  • Comarket, the B2B marketplace for HoReCa, is looking to raise €750,000 in funding. "The upcoming investment will help us accelerate the growth of our already market-validated business model and move towards Platform as a Service (PaaS), coupled with investments in the artificial intelligence component. In the short term, we will develop the Personal Buyer program, which has been successfully deployed by major restaurant chains." Read more.
  • DRONAMICS is scaling up its European operations team ahead of the launch. The team will focus on preparing for DRONAMICS' first commercial flights this year. DRONAMICS also signs two new airport partners for its drone delivery network. Read more here & here.
  • The easySales SaaS platform for automated management and centralization of eCommerce activities enters the Hungarian market, offering merchants easy access to customers abroad through the integration of DHL Express services. This gives easySales customers access to global deliveries in key markets, with a focus on next-day deliveries in Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland, as well as across Europe. Read more.
  • KPMG joins forces with FLOWX.AI to reshape the personalization of digital financial services. KPMG and FLOWX.AI announced a strategic collaboration to help companies develop unified, customer-centric, personalized digital experiences. This partnership will enable large enterprises to create personalized, optimized and engaging products and services in the digital environment at a fraction of the typical cost and time associated with digital developments.
  • FLOWX.AI partners with UiPath to support customer and employee experiences with the power of enterprise automation. The FLOWX.AI low-code/no-code experience orchestration platform offers a revolutionary new technology - FLOWX ZeroRedeploy - as well as a full suite of solutions for insurance, retail and corporate customers - FLOWBANKING.AI and FLOWINSURANCE.AI - all built on the FLOWX.AI platform and technology.
  • Income closed its Series Seed funding round led by Tolaram Fintech with participation from leading equity crowdfunding platforms Seedrs and SeedBlink, as well as other new and existing early-stage investors. Learn more.
  • Kinderpedia partners with Maple Bear Global Schools to enable innovative school management. Using Kinderpedia, the Maple Bear network in 32 countries worldwide will have an integrated digital framework that includes user management, communications, class management, financial and operational functions. Learn more.
  • The KFactory team has begun operations in the German market. We are working closely with great partners like Advantech to become a global provider for the manufacturing industry. Read more.
  • MOCAPP and Frisbo, the e-fulfillment platform with the largest presence in Europe, are launching a joint program to help Romanian online stores expand quickly and easily outside the local market. As a result, online stores looking to expand across borders will have the opportunity to quickly identify their social media-popular shoppers from over 9 countries through the MOCAPP platform, reaching and engaging the most credible ambassadors with true brand loyalty. Learn more.
  • SanoPass and Emerald Medical Center offer free assistance in Ukrainian to refugees who are in Romania due to Russia's war against Ukraine. Learn more.
  • Voxa, the Romanian audiobook platform, estimates business at 700,000 euros. Voxa, the first Romanian streaming platform for audiobooks and e-books, has seen significant growth in the enterprise segment in just 4 months since the tech startup launched, accounting for more than 10% of its business. The company aims to reach 30% of its business in the enterprise segment by the end of the year. Voxa expects to reach €700,000 in revenue by 2022, as the company already has 27,000 users. Read more.


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By Bianca Iulia Simion

PublishedApril 01, 2022

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