Women who Tech: Linda Vasilescu, co-founder R-Create

There is a growing number of stories about women in the technology industry successfully developing their start-ups.


We talked to some of the women co-founders of our Alumni community. Although they are of different age, innovate in a different vertical and have a different role within the company, all have in common the determination and the way they used their knowledge to shape their company and generate a positive social impact, through their start-ups.

Now it's the turn of Linda Vasilescu, co-founder of R-CREATE, CleanTech vertical entrepreneur, circular economy specialist. Linda graduated in Cybernetics at ASE and an MBA in investment banking at Central European University, being a man of strategy and numbers - but she doesn't feel good only behind the computer, so she always preferred positions of interaction with people. Most of his career he worked and led change management projects: in strategic consulting or corporations (finance, insurance, FMCG), and for two years he preferred to start his own project from scratch, when he founded R-Create, as an applied solution of circular economy.

  • What motivates you in this journey of tech startup founder?

The life of a founder is much more complicated than the media shows - a true entrepreneur who tries to impose something new on the market must learn to manage first of all the resistance to environmental change, which can make you give up very often. The moments when our business concept is validated give me enough energy to continue the "fight", which for a startup must be business as usual.

  • What are the "must-haves" for successful founders?

I think that in addition to enthusiasm, creativity and excellence in that field, a good founder must show a lot of resilience and the ability to start all over again. In my mentoring activities with startups I have found that this is the character trait that is most rarely encountered.

  • What technology fascinates you the most today?

I find fascinating the role of technology in general, in the area of ​​business innovation and the way it is perceived by the market. It is obvious that scaling, and implicitly multiplying an investment depends on technology, but as investors, we must never forget to understand the need, the market requirement that a certain startup solves, in order to evaluate its chances of success. As an education I come from the business area, so I always perceived technology as an effective means to achieve a target, and not an end in itself.

Find more about R-CREATE here.

By Bianca Iulia Simion

PublishedMarch 10, 2021

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