Head of Portfolio Management




Why SeedBlink

Founded in late 2019, SeedBlink is the fastest growing crowd investing platform specialized in sourcing, vetting, financing, and scaling European tech start-ups. Our vision is to shape Europe’s tech future by creating an investment platform that has the reach of crowdfunding, the flexibility of angel investors, and the structure of venture capital. Our goal is to challenge the status quo, to support an innovative business ecosystem in a comfortable work environment that puts people first.

Job description:

We are looking for a Head of Portfolio Management with a strong financial background who can use the best tools for managing investment performances, trends, and best practices. The Head of Portfolio Management will prioritize the interests of investors and will share all details and developments regarding their portfolio investments in a transparent manner.

Your responsibilities:

• Manage startup quarterly reports to investors via SeedBlink platform

• Perform on-going investment monitoring for portfolio

• Developing a structured KPI system unified throughout similar business models

• Track and monitor the quarterly financial assessment of portfolio companies through analysis of key financial and business metrics

• Generate reports regarding investment values, performances and trends

• Verify the accuracy of the capitalization table figures in the fundraising documents of the start- up companies, pre and post investment.

• Review, digest and analyze start- up companies reports in order to benchmark, improve and align investor reporting

• Verify and monitor the accuracy of the key metrics of each investment in the platform

• Reporting to the Regulatory authorities in each country we operate.

• Assist with specification in designing the reporting module of our platform

Our expectations:

• Familiar with finance & accounting frameworks, at least 4 to 7 years of accounting and finance experience

• Strong technical skill sets such as financial modelling, valuation and due diligence (e.g. financial, commercial).

• Venture Capital/Prior Private Equity investment support experience will be advantageous

• Basic understanding of legal terms in investment documentation (ex: waterfalls, valuations, cap tables etc.)

• Excellent written and spoken English

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Self-starter mindset

• Interest to work in a dynamic start-up ecosystem