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Vision meets reality: how today's innovators are shaping tomorrow's industries


Bianca Iulia Simion

· 3 min read
Vision meets reality: how today's innovators are shaping tomorrow's industries
Let's delve into the aspirations of four innovative startups and explore how their current rounds are advancing their visions.

In the fast-paced world of startups, some visionary entrepreneurs are leading the charge, pushing the boundaries of their respective industries. These forward-thinking companies are actively raising on SeedBlink, and they are not just seeking investment but also promising unique opportunities to revolutionize their sectors. In this article, we delve into the aspirations of four innovative startups and explore how their current rounds are advancing their visions.

  • Contents: Powering content generation with AI

Massimiliano Squillace, the driving force behind, is harnessing the power of Gen AI and cutting-edge LLMs to deliver exceptional content generation. Their platform stands out with its commitment to quality and a finely-tuned algorithm for SEO. Moreover, offers a unique Brand Voice feature, allowing companies to customize AI-generated content to align with their unique identity.

“_Our startup,, presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize the future of our industry by harnessing the power of Gen AI and cutting-edge LLMs to deliver exceptional content generation. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and our finely-tuned algorithm for SEO. Additionally, our Brand Voice feature empowers companies to customize AI-generated content to fit their unique identity. We're not just another player; we're the key to achieving better results through proprietary technology. With thousands of paying customers worldwide already trusting our platform, this current fundraising round will propel our vision by enabling us to scale in multiple countries across the globe, solidifying our position as industry leaders._” - Massimiliano Squillace, CEO and Founder of CONTENTS.

Explore CONTENTS’s round on SeedBlink.

  • Okredo: Redefining the data industry

Founder and CEO Gerda Jurkonienė, along with her team at Okredo, are on a mission to transform the data industry. Their open B2B data platform aims to mitigate risks and boost sales for businesses by reducing late payment costs by a staggering 9 times.

Okredo has a vision during the next 5 years to be a leading open data platform in Europe. Mission – to accelerate SME’s growth by ensuring access to data about companies across Europe. There are three key cornerstones that enables Okredo to disrupt credit bureaus and set new standard in data industry:

  • OPEN & ESG DATA: no matter the country, we aggregate all available open and ESG data about companies.
  • OPEN FINANCE: SMEs can share access to bank account data, get insight reports. Thus, Okredo improves access to finance and strengthens SMEs’ financial inclusion.
  • AI BASED CREDIT DOCTORSHIP: An adaptive scoring system based on AI will analyze financial and other available datasets all over Europe, will prescore companies and recognize weaknesses & strengths for SMEs to improve.

With verified product market fit in the Baltics, Okredo has already prepared data and waiting for fundraise to scale and train AI on big populations such as UK and Poland companies’ data.” - Gerda Jurkonienė PhD, co-founder, and CEO of Okredo

Explore Okredo’s round on SeedBlink.

  • Unison: The future of health-conscious food

Tudor Iacob, the visionary behind Unison, is taking on the ultra-processed food industry with a unique approach. Recognizing the growing trend of health-conscious and sustainable consumer preferences, Unison offers granola, nut spreads, and fruit bars made from simple, high-quality ingredients.

“Unison has an unique opportunity to disrupt the ultra-processed food industry by tapping into the growing trend of health-conscious and more sustainable consumer preferences. As people become more health-aware, there is a significant shift towards healthier and sustainably sourced food options. I think this awareness will generate not just a trend, but a movement for years. In our granola, nut spreads or fruit bars we use only simple and high-quality ingredients. We use innovation in flavors, packaging, and marketing to provide a path for healthy habits that last while building a love brand for the future.

The funds will be instrumental in propelling our vision forward, of course. But first of all, it will be a good reminder that we still need to grow and keep our promises to our customers and make amazingly good products. We'll use the funds to scale the production, add more flavours, enhance the packaging, and strengthen our marketing efforts, which are critical for attracting and retaining customers in the food industry.” - Tudor Iacob, Founder od Unison Goodies.

Explore Unison’s round on SeedBlink.

  • Swipe: Revolutionizing the refurbished smartphone sector

Mihail Dimitrov, the brains behind Swipe, understands the dynamics of the refurbished smartphone sector. It is both driven and constrained by the supply of inventory, as users sell back their old devices. Swipe addresses this issue by developing buy-back programs for clients across various sectors, such as electronic retailers, web-stores, official brand resellers, telecoms, and banks.

“The refurbished smartphone sector globally is driven and, at the same time, constrained by supply of inventory - users selling back their old devices. In order to facilitate the supply of refurbished devices, smartphone buy-back programs must offer fair market prices and, at the same time, be easily accessible and convenient to all users. SWIPE develops buy-back programs for the clients of electronic retailers, web-stores, official brand resellers, telecoms and even banks. So, SWIPE is not simply a reseller of refurbished devices but an industry catalyst, developing an ecosystem of partners, so that users can conveniently sell their old devices. After that, these devices get refurbished with genuine parts and resold to new users. The new fundraising round will help SWIPE reach more potential partners in multiple markets and scale at a much faster pace.” - Mihail Dimitrov, Founder and CEO of Swipe.

Explore Swipe’s round on SeedBlink.

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