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Helping businesses drive more sales with the power of influencers - Interview with Florin Grozea, founder of MOCAPP


Bianca Iulia Simion

· 5 min read
MOCAPP raises €320,000 round to scale its L!NK App in the UK and help eCommerce businesses generate more sales

MOCAPP, a technology company that helps brands increase their online sales through digitized tools, recently opened a new round of funding through SeedBlink to support its entry into the UK market. This new funding round is a €320,000 bridge round led by ROCA X as the lead investor with €150,000. We had a talk with Florin Grozea, MOCAPP's founder & CEO, about his upcoming business plans and new product.

Hello Florin, good to see you again. How has MOCAPP performed since your last financing round?

The company has grown in all key metrics:

  • Total budgets: +115%
  • Revenues: +266%
  • Influencers: 1200 from 9 countries

You recently launched L!NK and are planning a new round to scale this solution. How can L!NK help customers?

L!NK is an application that automatically discovers customers who are opinion leaders on social media. It reveals the influencers who have already purchased the store's products and could partner with the store!

Who better to talk about your product than your own customers? L!NK saves time and money for eCommerce and retail businesses.

What is the technical innovation?

Our software aggregates complex data in real-time, analyzes that data, and breaks down the details of each customer into 40 points of analysis to create a scoring system with 98.5% accuracy. This percentage increases as the algorithm scans more data.

The scanning of an online store's orders is done anonymously. Encrypted hashes are generated, which can be decrypted with a unique key that only the online store has. The encryption is done using a SHA256 function, which is used by most digital banking and financial applications, as well as European and American e-commerce platforms.

The software product consists of 3 modules: Core, Discovery, Connector. TBD.

Wow, that's really interesting. Is there a similar solution on the market? How do they perform?

Our proprietary algorithm is a unique innovation in Europe and the UK - there is no other Shopify, WooCommerce or VTEX app that does this automatic matching between store customers and social media accounts! Nowhere in Europe!

We rely on a Blue Ocean strategy: where hundreds of platforms promise relevant influencers from the database THEIR, our algorithm shows the influencers in the customer's database!

Also, everyone is after the big brands and the big agencies. We look at the long tail of eCommerce, which generates 50-60% of global sales. The Shopify ecosystem includes more than 6000 apps, and UK stores use 6-10 apps on average.

What businesses could use your solution?

eCommerce companies and other D2C brands.

Right now, L!NK is on Shopify (the largest eCommerce platform in the world) and we plan to bring it to other platforms: VTEX (we are already working on a partnership), Prestashop (the #1 in France, we are already talking about a commercial agreement), Woocommerce (the #1 in Germany). There are over 2 million stores worldwide in family, home, fashion and beauty!

What were the initial reactions of your L!NK users? Do you have any testimonials you can share?

The L!NK Shopify app has over 200 installs in the first 30 days from 35 countries: UK, Romania, USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, India.

Our algorithm scanned 350,000+ customers and identified 400+ popular customers (micro and macro-influencers between 5,000 and 1.5 million followers on Instagram).

How will you use this investment? Where will the money go, selectively?

  • R&D - 30%
  • Marketing & Sales - 40%
  • Team & Other - 30%

Where do you see L!NK in the next 3 years?

L!NK will generate over 70% of revenue from MOCAPP, which is estimated to grow 10x.

What makes MOCAPP and L!NK so special? Why should investors choose you?

We are reliable and we are unique. An experienced team of digital marketing and tech experts with over 1000 campaigns under our belt. Visionary founders and Advisors with European experience. Unique software product, an algorithm with international patent potential.

Learn more about MOCAPP's round here.

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