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How to build a scalable solution to automate the eCommerce industry with Ciprian Cazacu, CEO easySales

Elena Ghinita

Automation in eCommerce

easySales is a SaaS platform for eCommerce merchants who sell multichannel and need an automated solution to list their products on all marketplaces and manage orders centrally. From a single easySales account, sellers can have an overview of product listings, invoices, couriers, and other aspects needed to successfully sell online. 

We talked with Ciprian Cazacu, the co-founder and CEO of easySales and found out more about the startup and their solution.

Let's go down on memory lane - how did you come up with this idea?

In fact, we didn’t plan to build easySales. We were exploring another business idea which didn’t turn out as expected, so we had to shift to our core expertise, building eCommerce websites for merchants. When the first merchant required integrations to manage marketplaces and automate order processing, our first response was “go and hire a student”. But then, the second and the third merchant asked the same thing, so we paused and did some research. We identified a gap in the eCommerce market where new platforms and marketplaces are rising, but the infrastructure is lagging. eCommerce is a very competitive space and efficiency is critical for growth, so we defined our mission to build a platform that really helps merchants strive and grow.

What was the process from the idea to the actual launch of easySales?

First, we defined our mission, values and a set of principles that are purely SaaS specifics. We defined our target customer, pricing and go to market strategy. And we started building the features, iteratively, with the early adopters. To support this process, we have implemented in the platform a community module where users propose and vote features, so we make sure that what we build is what they need.

Was it difficult to find like-minded people and create the team you have now?

Indeed, finding the right people is the most difficult part of my job, that’s why I am happy that I’ve managed to find and have with me, brave people with vision, strength, and capability to go big and far. I am using the leadership skills gained in my previous roles in well-known large companies such as Vodafone and Capgemini. I have also a structured approach and make use of selection instruments that help us find the right profile for each job (eg MBTI test).

What problem does easySales solve?

48% of online shoppers head straight to a large ecommerce marketplace. At the same time, Shopify grew 86% in 2020. Successful merchants want to sell everywhere. But their enthusiasm is too often cut down by the operational hurdles of synchronizing product and inventory between multiple channels. Merchants lack a fast and affordable solution to grow their business profitably and this problem is growing with the number of platforms they must manage and connect. With easySales, in a matter of minutes, merchants are able to integrate online shops with large marketplaces, couriers, billing software and process orders automatically, gaining up to 70% efficiency in managing multichannel eCommerce.

Who is your customer and what is your business model?

Our customers are merchants who want to grow by selling online on multiple channels: online shops and marketplaces, both locally and internationally. Our business model is a pure B2B SaaS, offering a flexible subscription model adapted to the activity of the merchants (no. of orders and no. of listings), so they can upgrade or downgrade depending on their business performance. The pricing starts from 29 EUR and covers needs of all size sellers, small, medium and large (eg. Decathlon). Additionally, we are building an ecosystem of sellers and partners with a similar purpose, to help merchants grow their business. We grow through partnerships with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, couriers, agencies, developers and even fintech offering services for eCommerce merchants. (eg. goMag, DHL, GS1 Sollution Provider, eBay).

What is happening in the industry in which you operate? What are the most important trends?

eCommerce industry is in the middle of transformation driven by the large adoption of online shopping during the pandemic years. Even if right now we see a slightly recovery of offline shopping, the trend started, will be accelerated and the future of shopping is going to be online and hybrid. Companies have understood that online presence is mandatory to grow their business and they have started the transformation process.

The winners will be the ones who are aligning with the main industry trends:

- Rise of marketplaces – larger online shops turn into marketplaces (eg. Walmart)

- Multichannel and cross-border sales

- Virtual experience – live streaming, personalization, influencers

- Solid eCommerce infrastructure and data analytics

- Web 3 – metaverse

In my view, easySales is at the core of all these trends, building the infrastructure needed for merchants to succeed.

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?

Indirect competition is represented by software companies, eCommerce platforms, ERPs, all having various degrees of integrations, automations, and order management features. Integrations and multi-channel management are usually not their core functionalities and, as complexity grows, it becomes a burden, therefore they are more and more willing to externalize these. Direct competition is represented by multichannel integration tools, such as easySales, most of them developed or upgraded lately as the eCommerce industry shifted more towards multichannel sales. For instance, Channel Advisor is a large US based company with international presence, ChannelEngine is an Europe based company expanding worldwide after a Series B investment round received in 2022 and Baselinker, a Polish company expanding in Eastern Europe, including Romania. While many competitors offer customized or feed-based solutions, we differentiate through:

- plug & play technology - the integrations are ready-made in the platform and the merchant can connect it in minutes and use it right away.

- technology API integration - eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, couriers are integrated through APIs making the platform powerful, fast, and allowing real time synchronization of important information such as inventory and prices.

- usability – the platform was designed for self-service, modular, flexible, and easy to use by anybody without training.

Where do you see easySales in 3-5 years?

We are very determined to become the eCommerce automation solution of choice for merchants worldwide. Our roadmap and plan are designed for this ambition, to be recognized worldwide, solution of choice for merchants in UK, US and Europe.

Why should investors choose you?

easySales gives investors the opportunity to be part in building a solid and scalable solution to automate and grow eCommerce industry. easySales is not only the platform merchants need, but it is also a team and a community engaged in providing state of the art technology for retail and eCommerce.

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