Helping today’s marketers focus on what matters most – Growth | Interview with Sinisa Rakovic, Hunch

Hunch was founded by seasoned founders with previous successful exits. A team that has worked together for over 15 years decided to seize a massive opportunity present at the intersection between Creative, Data, and Automation.


SeedBlink launches the opportunity to invest in the Series A round of Hunch, a Serbian MarTech startup focused on delivering growth for scaleups and leading global brands.

Hunch's automation platform combines data-driven workflows for creative performance with automated processes for media buying so today's marketers can focus on what matters most - growth. Hunch is already working with more than 50 brands and is already used by agencies and brands in Europe, America, Latin America, and Asia.

We spoke with co-founder and CEO Sinisa Rakovic, who founded and led Building Explorer, Inc (acquired by PBF in 2010), about his current adventure with HUnch.

What’s the story behind Hunch?

Hunch was founded by seasoned founders with previous successful exits. A team that has worked together for over 15 years decided to seize a massive opportunity present at the intersection between Creative, Data, and Automation.

What problem does Hunch solve and how would you say it relieves pain from your customers?

There are two powerful trends: the massive growth of online commerce that created an environment with more products online than ever before, and then: people are increasingly buying from their mobile phones – i.e. using the smallest screens ever. When these two cross, marketers are faced with new and unique challenges, and at the top of these is the problem of successfully grabbing attention – or “stopping the scroll”.

In order to compete in today’s market, brands have to produce a large number of engaging images and videos. Hunch helps brand and agency marketing teams to grab users' attention, by enabling teams to automate and produce thousands of images and videos that are personalized, contextual, and relevant.

Who benefits the most from your product? Who are your customers?

Marketing teams that need to increase their revenue from online channels like Facebook and TikTok, will benefit from Hunch’s creative automation.

What's happening in the industry you are activating? What are the key trends?

The fast and sudden rise of social media like TikTok created a large gap in which brands need to add their video productions, in order to be successful. Hunch bridges this gap.

How would you describe the traction of Hunch?

Hunch has been growing for the past 18 months at an average of 11%, month on month. We started in the SMB market and are now being pulled into the upper mid-market and the enterprise one.

Startups grow from failure. Have you had to pivot your business product or service yet to better meet customer needs?

Hunch is purely customer-driven. Every aspect of our businesses is being influenced by our customers' needs. Hunch started by offering data science and analytics SaaS and was quickly pushed by customers towards helping them automate their creative production and media buying processes.

Where do you see Hunch and your business in 3-5 years? Any potential exit scenario in mind?

Hunch will continue to grow over the next 3-5 years. Currently, we serve 3 core customers buckets: scale-ups that need to grow fast, traditional & pure e-commerce, and agencies. Each will continue to be the pillars of Hunch’s growth.

Possible exit paths for Hunch are varied. It could be a large tech marketing cloud company (like Adobe), a global consulting or agency group, as well as a sector-specific private equity company.

What makes Hunch so special? Why should investors choose you?

Hunch is creating and consolidating a new category called “Intelligent Creatives”. With the current macro trends on privacy and data protection, brands will be shifting their focus to creative differentiation – in which Hunch is currently a leader.

We are looking for partners that share the vision of democratizing the creative offering for all businesses that want to succeed online.


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By Bianca Iulia Simion

PublishedFebruary 16, 2022

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