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The European crowdinvesting platform for tech startups has facilitated investments of €38 million


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SeedBlink saw record levels of investment in 2021, as the year in which we have supported the biggest number of startups. 2021 marked also the beginning of our expansion outside of Romania.

Since the platform's launch in early 2020, we’ve raised € 37.8 million for the 56 startups that have been campaigning, representing 7 European countries. The amount includes financing from SeedBlink investors (€ 15 million), with the remaining nearly €23 million coming from lead investors.

Among the most notable rounds of funding is FlowX with €1.6 million (round of €7.3 million), Dronamics with €950,000 (round of €3 million), and self-listing SeedBlink with €1.1 million (round of €3 million).

With the support of a €3 million Series A round led by Catalyst Romania that ended in July 2021, SeedBlink has invested resources in its European expansion, for both investors and start-ups, by diversifying its offer, simplifying the investment process, facilitating smart money, and starting active partnerships with ecosystem actors and institutional investors.

In a record year for seed investment, we take a look back on SeedBlink’s role in the ecosystem, and how it matches up the most active European tech verticals.

Approaching hundreds of investors from various areas and countries, ranging from everyday investors to VC-level ones, provided us with the ideal framework for compiling important tips and lessons, for making long-term, sustainable decision in building & diversifying portfolio investments.

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By SeedBlink Knowledge

PublishedFebruary 01, 2022

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