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SEEDBLINK: an investors’ platform for startups

Ionut Patrahau

The most important strategic element, deeply embedded in the investment platform's DNA, is its positioning towards users. Our foremost users are the investors.

The most important strategic element, deeply embedded in the investment platform's DNA, is its positioning towards users.

Our foremost users are the investors, those who’re enjoying an early morning coffee and a hot croissant, and think about SeedBlink when they feel like consulting their portfolio, adjusting their investment thesis, or comparing the performance of their stocks against the index or against various virtual portfolios. Just as ladies favor a particular perfume and gentlemen have a particular car model that has conquered their soul, investors also need to have only one option when it comes to investing in startups, allowing them to guide their own destiny by deciding the investments, portfolio composition, the desired yields, successes, and failures.

This positioning must group and align all necessary resources, the specific features, all investment knowledge, and all the efforts to form a community gravitating around the common goal of all investors: to generate superior yields regardless of how they choose to invest, pragmatically or emotionally.

What’s the startups’ place?

Startups become an integral part of SeedBlink, of the offering to investors, and part of SeedBlink's team’s efforts to filter, understand the risks and find mitigation so that the message to investors becomes as clear as possible and the startups are able to convince them to support their founders' dream. Startups are part of the mentoring efforts and the support offered across multiple stages of development until a fund or a strategic shareholder decides to take on the lead toward a new level.

Why startups and investors cannot be equally important on the platform?

Because a company has to choose either:

(1) to be a platform for startups, where retail investors can choose to back one company or another without getting any special attention and being disconnected from the platform and everything SeedBlink offers, and where the number of listings counts more than their quality, or

(2) a place where investors form a community and evaluate in tandem with SeedBlink the tech opportunities of the day, and pick the ones that have a greater chance of getting funded.

The startups blend into the platform where they choose to list their potential on. Intimate relationships are formed, good and bad are revealed, and everyone makes a concerted effort to communicate as clear and relevant as possible to the investment community.

We strongly believe that such an investment platform is deeply beneficial for startups, and most of those who have chosen to join the platform at some point have understood why our strategic direction contributes to their wealth and the success of their business & dreams.

This being the main difference between equity crowdfunding and crowdinvesting we continue to consolidate our strategic position as a crowdinvesting platform because we believe this is the right way, the direct path that will disrupt the global investment paradigm. We strongly believe that this is the way through which, in tandem with the ecosystem, we’ll create a wave of quality startups, belonging to the new world and understanding the philosophy of success as being a fusion between talent, ambition and "humility" – in the sense of modesty, receptivity and openness.

In this way, the preemptive rights, the collective negotiation power, the professional approach towards the investment documents, building the investment theses and portfolios, and accumulating specific knowledge by sedimentation of the well established notions via practical tests, all come together and form the investors’ experience. SeedBlink becomes also the best place where good startups find the needed resources, along with mentoring & support, until the next growth stage.

That's SeedBlink today. Like the ecosystem around us, we are evolving and we will definitely get to where the value will be added.


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