November Newsletter: When opportunity comes up, put on your cape and take the leap

Crowdinvesting is going mainstream.


Dear entrepreneurs,

Crowdinvesting is going mainstream.

On November 10, the European Crowdfunding Regulation came into force. This aims to harmonize the investing process in startups and private companies across Europe. Startups can raise up to €5 million from the crowd (retail investors) over a 12-month period. We are ready and welcome European investors and startups to our community!

Another event was the attempt to auction a rare copy of the US Constitution via a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The Ethereum-based project eventually raised $46.3 million from thousands of donors. The auction bid was lost. But it was also the largest crypto-crowdfunding-like project, with the community and a desire to change the status quo leading the way.

We see the power of communities harnessing disruptive innovation.

But not all crowdfunding projects are the same. We founded SeedBlink to help startups get funding and access to the strongest tech-investors' community in Europe.

We continue to improve the experience and outcomes for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Best regards,

Andrei Dudoiu,

Managing Partner & President of BoD, SeedBlink


Our Alumni Portfolio is getting bigger! This month we welcome FLOWX.AI, Income, and Sypher to the cohort. They have been successfully backed by our investor community and will benefit from our ongoing support and network.

Working in a tech startup with big ambitions is an exciting journey. We help startups in raising more than just capital, and we are happy to see that the Alumni Portfolio Jobs brings lots of opportunities and job openings. Look over the open jobs and feel free to refer someone or share the blog post with your network.


If you have recently been accepted into a startup accelerator, consider the following advice from accelerator experts. When done correctly, accelerator programs can be a priceless opportunity to learn from experts, receive feedback on your product, business, or strategy, and gain access to lucrative funding opportunities.

International expansion is a challenge that every growing business will face eventually, and it requires a well-thought-out plan. Expansion should be a step-by-step, strategic process that considers the actual cost & required time, as well as the potential opportunities offered by new markets. Take into consideration these 4 key strategies for succeeding at international expansion.

Hundreds of companies, from seed-stage startups to tech giants, are searching for their places in the metaverse ecosystem already. “Every company has a 2D website right now. In the metaverse they will have a 3D version of that.” says Mike Allender, chief executive, and cofounder at Talewind Studios, in this beginner’s guide of the metaverse from Sifted.


Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author best known for his book “The 4-Hour Workweek”, translated into more than 40 languages. Tim Ferriss Show deconstructs world-class performers from diverse fields (investing, chess, professional sports, etc.), delving deep to find their tools, tactics, and tricks, for the use of his listeners.


In Grow the Pie, Alex Edmans provides a road map for business leaders to put purpose into action and overcome the roadblocks that many face. He explains how investors can determine which companies are truly mission-driven and how to collaborate with them to create value for both shareholders and society.


The New European Bauhaus, launched by the European Commission, translates the European Green Deal into a tangible, positive experience in which all Europeans can participate and progress together. The EIT Community Booster will seek out and support startups and scaleups that incorporate these three core dimensions: sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion.

Register here. Deadline application: December 17, 23:59 CET.

EIT Digital Accelerator offers international growth support for European digital tech scaleups, by raising venture capital and securing customers in the European markets. The best 20 companies will receive acceleration support services worth a total of €1 million. You can join the program at any time throughout the year. Get in touch for more details on how to register for the program.

sTARTUp Day is bringing together startup-minded people to celebrate entrepreneurship in the smart city of Tartu (Estonia) & online. sTARTUp Pitching is the official pitching competition of sTARTUp Day, looking from early-stage to scale-up startups who are looking to raise funds.

Register here. Deadline application: July 13, 2022.

By SeedBlink Knowledge

PublishedDecember 10, 2021

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