September Portfolio Updates – SeedBlink Alumni

This month we welcome Upgrade Academy to the cohort who has been successfully backed by our investor community and will benefit from our ongoing support and network.


Each month, we bring you a brief summary of the milestone of the companies that were previously funded on SeedBlink and provide insight into their activities and excitement.

  • Benefito Mobile is launching the prepaid card, which you can top up by making purchases from its partners. The operator's first partners include Banca Transilvania, BCR, Benefit, Edenred, Up Romania, but also Bonusway and MyWorld, two cashback platforms that work with hundreds of retailers, including, or AliExpress.
  • Comarket platform receives new funding of 150.000 EUR and accelerates development plans. Comarket, a centralized SaaS and B2B marketplace for the Romanian hospitality industry, receives a new investment of 150.000 EUR from a group of business angel investors, including Iulian Cîrciumaru, active investor in several entrepreneurial projects, and accelerates its development plans on the local market.
  • easySales integrates access to the platforms Gomag, Vivre Bulgaria and Hungary and plans further expansion to platforms such as eBay, VTEX and Doraly. According to customer surveys, 73% of easySales users saw sales growth in the first three months of the platform. In addition, 91% of users perform the same volume of daily activities as before joining the easySales system, but in only 30% of the previously allocated time, according to easySales.
  • Evelina Necula, Co-Founder & CMO of Kinderpedia, spoke about early education and how to lay the foundation for a solid education during the event "Education: learning, digitalization, health". Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of digitizing the education system, and it shows in the health crisis.
  • Telios Care & Hive have launched Telemedicine Hackathon to educate and inspire college students to take on the challenges of Europe Health Care. This competition between student teams from different disciplines encourages a new generation of healthcare innovators to find simple and efficient solutions Remote Health Care. The Telemedicine Hackathon is a four-day event that challenges you to meet like-minded people and work together to find solutions that could improve the health and lives of people in Romania
  • Storis, an application for audiobooks, e-books and podcasts in Romanian, becomes Voxa and adds another 16 Romanian publishers to its portfolio. The service will be available in Romania from October 15. Voxa has also signed a deal with an international distributor that will bring thousands of audiobooks in English to the platform as part of its content expansion strategy.
  • Plant an App has developed a learning platform together with Trend Consult, a Romanian company specialized in training and consulting. The platform is based on the philosophy of providing users with e-learning courses, assessment resources, coaching and training to support continuous learning processes, with a course format focused on rapid knowledge transfer. It is fully implemented via the Plant an App platform.
  • Procesio has launched a startup program. Those who want to automate their processes and develop software integrations faster than writing code can get a 90% discount on enterprise plans. Procesio's first monthly session Community Updates on YouTube about the latest features, building integrations and automation on the platform. Learn more.

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By Bianca Iulia Simion

PublishedSeptember 30, 2021

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