Women who Tech: Roxana Margan, COO Oncochain

There is a growing number of stories about women in the technology industry successfully developing their start-ups.


We talked to some of the women co-founders of our Alumni community. Although they are of different age, innovate in a different vertical and have a different role within the company, all have in common the determination and the way they used their knowledge to shape their company and generate a positive social impact, through their start-ups.

Now it's the turn of Roxana Margan, obstetrician-gynecologist, studies oncology precisely in order to know this vast field as well as possible and to be able to make this medical startup one that brings added value to the oncological field. He also had the chance to work in the French system as a doctor, at which point he realized that when she returned to Romania she would change something. So, now, Roxana is an enthusiastic young entrepreneur with a medical background who strives to create a valid healthcare business model.

  • What motivates you in this journey of tech startup founder?

What motivates me the most is the fact that I could have a contribution in a field that I know quite well, I have been active in the medical field for 13 years and I had the chance to see in real time all the challenges and difficulties they face. this system. And the fact that now we have access to the latest technologies that could considerably improve management in several directions, this made me want to get really involved and try to add value to this field. It is already known that the field of health tech is a special one, even in more developed countries, because it involves an alignment of several stakeholders involved, and this is not always easy to achieve. But as timing is essential in absolutely any innovation, I believe it is the right time to start really important changes that will positively impact everyone involved in this medical system, and I can only be extremely excited that I can contribute something.

  • What are the "must-haves" for successful founders?

The belief that the problem you solve is a real one, that it has an influence on several entities, that a change is needed, but also the assumption that any initial change requires a lot of resistance, which means that it will not be easy at all. It takes a lot of hard work, ambition, rigor, adaptability or even extreme flexibility, depending on market requirements. It is also absolutely necessary to have a team with which to share the same values ​​and principles of life, but at the same time to be made up of people with complementary skills. Another aspect is the fact that you have no guarantee that your startup will be a successful one, so from the beginning you have to take many risks, and in extreme situations to be able to find solutions that will get you out. out of the impasse, including knowing how to turn to people with more experience than you who have gone through similar situations before. And any small / big fail that appears along the way should be considered just a lesson from which you have to learn as soon as possible so that you can go to the next level because other challenges await you there.

  • What technology fascinates you the most today?

Being a basic doctor, I could not say that I have a technology that fascinates me particularly, I like the technologies that solve the problem, so each must be used exactly where it is needed, without too many complications, but in the same time to be safe, intuitive, adaptable and scalable. We were initially the start-up that followed the technology, but in the meantime, we realized that solving the problem is much more important and that you have to use the right technology for your current development and challenge and if at some point it is needed. of other technologies, be willing to adopt them. For me, technology is the obligatory tool that helps me to have the desired impact on as many lives as possible and to benefit society in order to evolve as it is natural.

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By Bianca Iulia Simion

PublishedMarch 19, 2021

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